Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Zombies Mode – Everything We Know So Far

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Zombies

Since its creation, the Zombies mode has become a pillar of Call of Duty and considering Treyarch are the ones who pioneered the mode all those years ago community expectations are high for the next instalment. Luckily Treyarch are here to deliver!

This newest instalment of the fan favourite mode is set to have not just one or two maps, but a grand total of three!

First up is IX, which was introduced as a brand new start to the Zombies storyline. That’s right, gone are the days of Element 115, Doctor Richtofen and Group 935 and instead in comes a brand new story for Zombies fans to sink their teeth into.

The bulk of the map seems to take place in ancient Rome, where our intrepid new cast of characters are thrown into a blood-soaked coliseum arena teeming with the undead. The characters seem to get taken there by some spooky new potion that takes them through time and space itself, which I am sure we will learn more about in the future.

Craig Houston, the lead writer for the Zombies mode in BO4, introduced the map as a fresh start for Treyarch’s zombie’s mode in a new world, with new characters and new enemies. This enemy is an ancient order who are trying to transform the world to fulfil a nefarious agenda. Our four new colourful characters are named Charlotte, Bruno, Diego and Shaw.

But like I said there were three maps involved in this game, and the nefarious agenda cult have more than just ancient Rome in store for our new heroes. Next up is the nautical nightmare called Voyage of Despair.

In this map, our time travelling team have travelled to the tragic events of the Titanic, though in this universe the boat seems to have been sunk because of a slight outbreak of the undead.

This map seems to take the role of a heist, with the cutscene trailer showing us our characters attempting to steal an artefact from a safe before the evil curse that creates the undead is unleashed, something which they ultimately fail at. In this trailer, we even get our first look at the fan favourite mystery box, which in this map is creepily made out of a conglomeration of living humans.

Finally, we have Blood of The Dead, a map which does, in fact, return us to the original storyline of Richtofen and his intrepid band of misfits as they battle against the forces of the Apothicons and their evil ruler The Shadowman.

Blood of The Dead seems to take place in between Zetsubou No Shima and Gorod Krovi, two maps from the Black Ops 3 Storyline. At the end of the Easter egg in ZnS the four characters warp to a new area to acquire some blood vials, which later saves them. If you don’t feel intrigued by the new storyline then this dip into the past should be right up your alley!

But of course, even the addition of these three characters isnt all, because Treyarch are trying to turn Zombies into an Evergreen mode that makes the game more replayable than ever!

The mode features over 100 individual custom mutations, allowing you to make the game easier, harder or to make the zombies act in ways that are completely different to normal. It allows players to change the fundamental rules of the Zombies experience in private games.

The game will also feature something that sounds remarkably similar to WW2’s new Zombies Orders system called “Callings” which promises to change the ways that players interact with the game and provides themed prizes along the way.

Black Ops 4‘s Zombie mode promises to be the most interactive and most packed with content mode we have ever experienced from a Treyarch title, and we will likely be finding out even more during Treyarch’s time at E3.


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