NEWS: Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Playable at Reveal & Taking Place in Jet Center

Black Ops 4 Reveal

A Tipster, who wishes to remain anonymous, has exclusively revealed to GamingINTEL that the Black Ops 4 reveal will be taking place at the Jet Center in Hawthorne, LA and that the game will be playable at the event.

The Jet Center might not be the most obvious place to host the reveal of a video game. It is located just 3.8 miles from the Los Angeles Internal Airport,  7 miles from the beach, 20 minutes from Downtown LA and is basically a private airfield.

If the location sounds familiar to you, that’s because Activision has used this location before to reveal Destiny 2. They used two giant aircraft hangers that had been repurposed into a set of buildings, perfect for revealing things like video games. This reveal was a hit, so it makes sense that Activision would want to use the venue in a similar way for future events.

Much like the Destiny 2 reveal, the leaker said that the game would be playable on the floor of the event. At this event Destiny 2’s Game Director introduced some never before seen gameplay and then went on to open up an area to attendees that had hundreds of gaming stations with some PvP gameplay to keep people entertained for the night. It is likely that the Black Ops 4 Community Reveal will take a similar structure.

Rumors about this event have been swirling for a while, but Gaming INTEL has received one leak from a second source that stands out from the others. While we cannot verify this claim we have been told that those who attend the event will be playing the brand new Call of Duty Battle Royale game.

With the Community Reveal event less than a month away, the Hawthorne Jet Center seems like it will be the place to be to get your hands on the latest Call of Duty title.


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