Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Multiplayer – Everything To Know & Reveal Breakdown

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Multiplayer

Treyarch and Activision are constantly finding ways to innovate and entice the Call of Duty fan base. This Black Ops 4 Multiplayer reveal certainly delivered on that front. With David Vonderhaar and Dan Bunting introducing us to many classic and also new aspects of the multiplayer experience. Many questions from the community have been abundantly answered, whilst still maintaining a balance of information there were enough additional details cloaked in mystery to keep us all guessing. But for what we do know, here is a round-up of all the news we have so far on Call of Duty Black Ops 4 multiplayer.

Combat & Movement System

The main focus has been centred around the core game mechanics and the movement system. Despite some players enjoying the novelty of gravity-defying movement, as a whole, most of the community wished to see the classic movement mechanics return. Will great excitement, we can confirm that Black Ops 4 multiplayer will indeed be B.O.T.G – Boots on the ground. In addition to this, it had also been categorically confirmed that we will not see the return of:

  • Jet thrusters
  • Booster packs
  • Standard double jump
  • wall running

The closest thing to an alternative movement system will be via the use of a grappling hook. However, from the live reveal, we can confirm that the grapple hook will be limited to a singular unique specialist class. It should also be mentioned that it is assumed this grappling hook will also have a limited range, therefore maintaining the balance of movement within gameplay.

These decisions already have created a sense of excitement as we are now presented with the classic movement system we love and know, whilst there is still a consideration for gamers who long for a faster-paced play style.


Another major improvement is the “guns up feature”. To some, this may appear trivial, but to the veterans, the lingering pain that occurs when we die whilst in an “animation” is a tough wound to heal. As is tradition, a death of this calibre is “never our own fault” and when coupled with the fact that we feel momentarily helpless, an unknown level of rage often brews deep within. Of course, we are referring to the state of being in “no man’s land” whilst either throwing a grenade, placing a device or activating a killstreak/specialist ability.

Treyarch, thankfully, has now combatted this by announcing the “guns up” game mechanic. This essentially means that when performing any of the above movements, the gun will remain poised and on the screen. The most beneficial results of this are that your weapon will always be ready. Regardless of whether you are calling in a U.A.V or throwing a Hail-Mary sticky grenade if an enemy player graces your screens peripherals, you will still be able to hip fire.


It may come as no surprise, but we are seeing the return of the widely popular specialists. Not only will we rekindle our relationship with some favourites, but we shall also be receiving some new characters to join the roster. It has also been confirmed that the classic characters and specialist abilities will be reimagined for Black Ops 4 multiplayer, to continue to overall new and improved theme.

Black Ops 4 Multiplayer - Ajax

Part of the reason for this love of Specialists is the sense of power and achievement. It’s a very primal instinct, but we all deep down, want to be rewarded for our efforts. And what better way than to engage our enemies with a game shifting, high octane, fear-inducing specialist ability.

The whole list of characters has not yet been confirmed, however, we know of a few specialists and their abilities that will be coming to Black Ops 4 multiplayer. An example of specialist characters and ability can be found below, but stay tuned for a more detailed specialist analysis and break down soon.

RUIN – He will yield a grappling hook and also have his devastating slam ability. He will be able to close ground quicker and engage in combat faster due to his character specific grapple hook. Ruin is the only player with this unique movement system, so for those who wish to have a more dynamic style of play than the typical boots on the ground, he’s your guy. It has also been reported that due to his deadly ability combinations, he has already been creating some awe-inspiring features on the Treyarch Studio highlight feel.


The single most exciting news about Black Ops 4 multiplayer is the weapon changes. In Black Ops 4 we are going to see more improvements and changes than throughout Black Ops 1, 2 and 3 combined! All of these developments aid in immersing players into the Call of Duty world. Consequently, creating an environment where gun sounds may cause you to wince and explosions result in you feeling a genuine and present sense of danger.

A few exclusive enhancements to weapons include

  • Smoke that will caress its way out of a freshly fired hot barrel
  • Room lighting and shadows will be influenced and impacted by muzzle flash
  • Bullets engage with the world around players, heightening immersion
  • Weapons and bullets will have real 3D tracers, not only adding to the hyper-realism but also allowing players to know exactly where they are being shot from
  • Bullets will visibly deplete based on how many have been discharged from the weapon

Another totally new and unique feature coming to the Black ops 4 multiplayer experience is weapon attachments. Of course, this is something we are all used to in Call of Duty, but Treyarch has redesigned this in a way which makes each individual weapon totally distinct. Previously, weapon attachments were set that were applicable to multiple guns. Now we have specific attachments that are completely unique to each weapon.

If you thought that the game couldn’t get any more epic, then you were very wrong indeed. Treyarch is debuting a brand new Black Ops 4 multiplayer feature called Operator Mods.

Black ops 4 Multiplayer Operator Mod

Operator Mods allow a gun to function above and beyond its core functionality. The preview we were presented within the live stream showcased an LMG with a suppression bullet Operator Mod. This modification/attachment caused the enemies screen to be slightly distorted, creating a new dynamic for each engagement and encounter. We are sure that there will be many more exciting Operator Mods that can be utilised throughout gameplay.
The final change we saw was the inclusion of predictive recoil. This means that players, regardless of ability, are able to study and learn each weapons recoil pattern. Not only does this promote a weapon to the player relationship, but also redefines the skill gap needed to truly master a weapon.

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Multiplayer Additional Information

Other information has been presented, including the manual heal feature. Much like players experience in Battlefield, Fortnite and Far Cry, to name a few, gamers will now need to actively heal their character. The face of Black Ops 4 multiplayer combat has been forever changed. Instead of just going in all guns blazing, players will now need to be aware of their surrounding, teammates and health like never before. Sometimes it may be more beneficial to sit back and heal, instead of engaging, based on the situation. We can be sure to expect a new compelling and lively style of play, with more methodical attacks and the sadistic joy of ending an enemy whilst he frantically tries to heal.

More details will be provided throughout the summer in what has been called the “Road to Release”, and us here at Gaming INTEL will always keep you well informed including other Black Ops 4 live stream information such at the World announcement of Call of Duty Battle Royale – Blackout.

Black Ops 4 Multiplayer


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