Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Maps Wishlist

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Maps Wishlist

Maps in Call of Duty titles are without a doubt the most important perspective of the game. Each year CoD developers like to innovate ideas from previous games and sometimes even remaster certain maps from well performing previous titles. Find out our Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Maps Wishlist below.

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Maps Wishlist

The first and most obvious one I’d like to see is Nuketown. Everyone who’s played enough Black Ops has a place in their hearts for Nuketown. However, if Treyarch are going with a boots on the ground setting they would have to be careful to make the Black Ops 4 version different to the others. To do this, they could add new features to the map, perhaps changing its size or extra balconies. Nothing too drastic, just something to make it more different and interesting.

Past Black Ops Maps

Secondly, from the first Black Ops game. It would be incredible to be able to replay classics such as Firing Range, Grid, Havana and Summit. This was a difficult shortlist to make but I believe we managed to get one of everybody’s favourites in there.  With the power of today’s consoles, these maps would be completely fresh and have a more intense feel to them.

Thirdly, Black Ops 2. Personally, I would love to replay the maps Raid, Studio, Plaza and Yemen. (I actually wanted to put Hijacked and Standoff on there too but been remade too recently.) Again, these are just some maps I felt the community liked as a whole and would enjoy playing in Black Ops 4. Imagine sniping in Yemen again… but on the PS4/Xbox One!

Finally, there are definitely some good maps in Black Ops 3 that deserve a remake. I especially enjoyed Combine, Infection, Fringe and (my favourite) Hunted. These are probably less likely to be remade as they were in the last game but it’s still possible, especially considering how popular Black Ops 3 was.

In terms of how Treyarch would put these in Black Ops 4, they could do them in small increments. For example, putting one or two remade maps in the default options and releasing one remade map in each DLC, just like Black Ops 3. There is almost no doubt Treyarch will remake some maps; the idea and layout are already taken care of and it will encourage old-timey players to buy the DLC as well. The question is, which ones will they remaster for the Black Ops 4 Maps collection?

Battle Royale

There’s been a lot of talk lately that Black Ops 4 is going to include a battle royale mode. If this is so, we will need a massive map. Something I think would be really cool would be if they took maybe 10 maps and combine them all to make one massive arena. Another way I could see this happening is if they simply massively enlarged one map. For example Rupture or Gauntlet from Black Ops 3. Enlarge that 10 times and the playing field would be the same size as Fortinte’s!

To really monetise the battle royale mode, Treyarch could be planning on releasing new battle royale maps for DLC as well. I don’t think they would do one for each of the 4 DLC packs, that would be too much. Instead, they could do it as a one time only DLC, like the Giant or Zombie Chronicles in Black Ops 3. It’s also useful to mention that there is a battle royale mode for Call of Duty available right now for free on PC! …But it’s exclusive to China. Useless if you live anywhere else. It’s interesting though as it shows the franchise is seriously looking into the possibility of this mode.

In terms of the wishlist for Battle Royale maps, I would say at least one with the initial release of the game and at least another one by the end of the season. In terms of what the map will be, if it’s not made out of past Black Ops maps then something completely new that fits in with the theme of the game.

Zombie Maps

I won’t go too far into detail on these maps because they are very complicated. The most important thing though is that we have a remaster of Mob of the Dead. 100% that is the thing Call of Duty zombie players want right now. Possibly also a few more remastered old zombie maps that they didn’t put in zombie chronicles. e.g. Five, Call of the Dead and Nuketown zombies.

As for new zombie maps, I would like to see the Paris map they were working on for Black Ops 1 but cut and replaced with Moon. It would be incredible to finally get that. Or maybe another map in space. Whatever zombie maps they make, I have no doubt Treyarch will blow our minds in October.

The Wishlist

Past Maps
  • Nuketown
  • Black Ops – Firing Range/Grid/Havana/Summit
  • Black Ops 2 – Raid/Studio/Plaza/Yemen
  • Black Ops 3 – Combine/Infection/Fringe/Hunted
Battle Royale
  • Battle Royale map – A lot of past Black Ops maps combined together
  • Battle Royale map – An enlargement of a past Black Ops map
  • Battle Royale map – Something completely new and original that will still tie in with the Black Ops 4 theme
  • At least 2 battle royale maps by the end of the Treyarch season
  • Mob of the Dead remastered
  • A few other old zombie maps remastered
  • The Paris map they cut
  • Another map in space


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