Call of Duty Black Ops 4 League Play – What To Expect

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 League Play

Call of Duty has been trying to improve the state of the game for its Competitive players for years, yet for many, the golden age of Competitive Call of Duty was League Play from Black Ops 2. With that said Treyarch has announced that Call of Duty Black Ops 4 League Play will be taking place.

Out of the many things that were announced during the Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Community Reveal one of the things that got the biggest of cheers was the reprise of League Play, a mode that hasn’t been seen in the franchise since Black Ops 2.

There wasn’t much revealed about the return of replay other than that it was actually returning, and that it would be combining all the best elements of the original system and would be available to all players of Black Ops 4.

What we can do is speculate on the new mode using Black Ops 2 as the base. In that game, there were two different modes within the League Play system, the Champions Series and the Moshpit Series.

The Champions series was a mode that had a pretty extensive ban list, including scorestreaks like the UAV, Counter UAV, Hunter Killer and more. They also banned tactical insertions and shock charges, perks like Hardline and Ghost, and even certain weapons like the KSG and FAL OSW. It was a mode that was tuned hard to the competitive scene and only included the Capture the Flag, Hardpoint and Search and Destroy modes with both the competitive rules mentioned above and a selection of competitive maps. Unlike the normal Call of Duty experience the mode was only 4V4 as opposed to 6V6.

Moshpit Series was basically the slightly more casual brother of the Champions Series. It basically used all the standard rules of a Call of Duty game in 6v6 matches and tracked your solo rank the whole way through a season.

It is likely that the new and improved League Play mode wont be one hundred percent the same as the version in Black Ops 2, especially considering that Black Ops 4 multiplayer matches have teams of 5 instead of teams of 6 in its standard mode, but competitive fans of the game will be incredibly happy when the game launches on October 12th!


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