RUMOR: Call of Duty Battle Royale Game Won’t Be 100 Players at Launch

Call of Duty Battle Royale Game Players

We have received another exclusive tip regarding a key feature of the rumored Call of Duty Battle Royale version. Our two recent articles rumor that Call of Duty Battle Royale is coming to Switch and will be a standalone game from Black Ops 4.

According to our source, it is rumored the Call of Duty Battle Royale game will start with just 30 players. This makes sense, given a Call of Duty engine has never been able to support this number of players in one game before.

It will start at 30 players at launch and slowly make its way up too 100. 100 players is currently too taxing for the game engine.

There are different ways you can optimize a game to reduce stress on the server but the development team may be limited with not long left until launch. They will not want to compromise on quality given the fierce competition from Fortnite and PUBG. Possible solutions are to implement more powerful dedicated servers or rewriting the games engine (which is a big and risky undertaking). It is so far unclear whether they will be using the existing engine.

Of course it goes without saying, this is an unverified rumor but it was part of a bigger leak submitted to us which did corroborate with other inside sources. I would stress that the game is still 6 months from release, this is a fluid environment and things can still change this late on.

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