Call of Duty Battle Royale Confirmed – Gameplay mechanics different to Multiplayer

Call of Duty Battle Royale Gameplay Mechanics Different to Multiplayer

Two of our inside sources have contacted us to provide some exclusive information about the Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Reveal tomorrow.

With the success of Fortnite and PUBG there has been a lot of speculation about Call of Duty introducing their own Battle Royale game mode. We reported on the possibility of a Call of Duty Battle Royale game mode back in February.

Now we have received a leak from an inside source stating:

“Call of Duty Battle Royale WILL be revealed tomorrow with gameplay at the event”.

Another inside source has stated:

“All I can say is fans won’t be happy [about Multiplayer]”.

When asked if the Battle Royale mode and standard Multiplayer share the same engine / mechanics, they replied:

“They’re vastly different”.

Based on previous leaks and corroborating the information with other details we know already, we believe this to be genuine.¬†The fact our inside source know the fans won’t be happy suggests it will not be a traditional Call of Duty multiplayer we all know and love. It will probably be a different style altogether, just with previous features such as the PICK 10 perks system added back in.

Both of these inside sources have been in contact for a while now and tomorrow will reveal all.¬†Either way, it’s certainly going to be an interesting reveal and could be a defining moment in the Call of Duty franchise. We still hold out some optimism and hope Treyarch can turn the negativity around with a popular innovative game.

For more leaks and a stream of the Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Reveal tomorrow, follow us at @GamingINTELCom


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