Call of Duty Black Ops 4 & Blackout – Known Issues

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 & Blackout - Known Issues

Numerous reports have come to light over the past few weeks regarding the amount of game-breaking bugs and issues occurring in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Blackout. Despite Treyarch’s efforts to introduce new updates to help resolve these in-game problems, many appear to still be withstanding.

Black Ops 4 Issues (Multiplayer):

A few days ago we decided to post a tweet, which gave us an insight on what the particular problems are that still occur in-game. Throughout the comments of our tweet, exploring reddit, and our own personal recent experiences, here are all the details we’ve managed to acquire on all of the known issues in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

Supply Drop Issues

Issues regarding Supply Drops appear to have been discussed a lot within the Call of Duty community since the game’s initial launch. Whilst many have showcased their particular problems regarding the scorestreak in videos posted on reddit, others have expressed their frustration by writing complaints. The amount of frustration some players may experience with this specific problem can vary. For example, if the Supply Drop happened to be an Attack Chopper and you didn’t have access to it, you certainly wouldn’t be best pleased.

There are a number of issues players have experienced with Supply Drops recently. In some cases the Supply Drop takes significantly longer to drop down, whereas other cases show the Supply Drop stuck in the air. With the benefit of some specialist features put to use – as shown in the following video, some players have still managed to acquire their scorestreak, despite the odds seeming fairly impossible.

Glitchy care packages can’t escape me from r/Blackops4

Spawns Broken

Spawning correctly in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 multiplayer is vital for your performance, especially in small, claustrophobic maps such as Nuketown. If you’re spawning close to the enemy, you may find yourself in a very vulnerable and dangerous position. Furthermore, poor spawns may also lead to an inaccurate kill death ratio.

Camo Progress Reset

One of the most frustrating issues a player can encounter is when their hard work gets reset, particularly with Camos. Many players are finding their progression reset after closing the game.

Hit Detection Issues

Many fans have claimed that the bullets they are firing aren’t hitting the opposition, despite them seeming to be on target. Whilst the amount of players who experience this vary, it can still be very annoying for the few who encounter this problem.

Auto Mantle Not Working Properly

The effects of issues with Auto Mantle in Black Ops 4 can potentially be catastrophic for some players. With Auto Mantle not working properly, players can sometimes find themselves in areas which are venerable to death, such as falling from a building as shown in the following video.

The auto-mantle in this game is unbelievable from r/Blackops4

In addition, with this bug becoming more and more of a game-breaking issue, one Treyarch employee decided to comment on the post confirming that action will be taken.

Black Ops 4 Issues - Auto Mantle

As shown in this clip, if the Auto Mantle isn’t working properly then you could find yourself stuck outside of the combat zone.

One more clip showing how bad auto mantle is from r/Blackops4

Call of Duty Blackout Issues:

Weapons Not Appearing

This particular issue is without a doubt one of the most common. Predominantly at the start of games, weapons are not appearing / loading causing only the ammo to be visible. If weapons aren’t appearing then you’re undoubtedly going to face issues when encountering players, especially when dropping in very popular places, such as Construction Site and Nuketown Island. Therefore, here at Gaming INTEL we believe this has potential to be the most important in-game bug.

Inaccurate Footstep Audio

One of the most core, fundamental aspects of Call of Duty Blackout is to listen for where exactly other players are lurking. Besides from not knowing if your enemy is above or underneath, being unaware of whether other players are to your left or right can be extremely unhelpful for the result of your game.

Connection Interrupted / Laggy Connection

Whilst some can also relate this issue in Black Ops 4 Multiplayer, from our personal point of view laggy connection and connection interrupts predominantly appear in Call of Duty Blackout. In an intense Battle Royale like Blackout, the smoothness of your game is arguably one of the most important aspects. Those who find themselves constantly jolting in-game will without a doubt struggle competing against other players. One of Treyarch’s main ambitions is most likely to stop this major issue, with that in mind we can expect numerous updates in the future to help resolve this.

Death Stashes Get Stuck Whilst Looting

After a large gunfight, other players will most likely be lurking nearby. If you’re going to loot it’s always best to be quick, just incase nearby enemies heard the previous action. Therefore, when players cannot loot the death stashes at all due to this specific issue, it can be extremely annoying and even result in being eliminated. Despite Treyarch attempting to resolve this issue in previous updates, after many complaints, it appears to still be an issue.

There may be other issues not included above that players are encountering on both Black Ops 4 Multiplayer and Blackout. However, that is all we’ve been able to conclude from the information we have received. Reply in the comments below with any other issues you’ve been experiencing!

The importance of these Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 issues vary. Whilst some in Blackout can potentially have an impact on the result of your game, others in Multiplayer usually occur without major consequences.


  1. Not a single comment on the crappy servers? Played MW2 again just ago.. the feeling of that game compared to this.. its like day and night. Just so sad.

  2. How about how the hell to even get IN a game of blackout. It never finds a match. When it does the lobby doesn’t fill. EXTREMELY frustrating and I’ve chatted with others who experience the same thing.

  3. Yeah has anyone addressed the issue with people being able to continually vote for the exact same map way more than 2 times. It can be very frustrating especially when I’m not good at slums in hcffa and we seem to get stuck doing that map over and over again and I end up having to just play a different mode.


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