Black Ops 4 Server Analysis Unveils Shocking Discovery for Call of Duty Series

Black Ops 4 Server Analysis Unveils Shocking Discovery for Call of Duty Series

A recent Black Ops 4 server analysis post on Reddit has unveiled a shocking discovery for the Call of Duty series.

Black Ops 4 Server Analysis – Call of Duty Servers Discovery

According to Redditor u/DjangoBlack25, in addition to the bad netcode, the servers from Choopa/Vultr and their bad peering partner Telia are a massive problem to the Call of Duty series.

Throughout the Call of Duty franchise, many have requested Activision for dedicated servers. Despite them eventually being implemented, they weren’t up to the highest of quality.

Apparently, Activision rented the server/virtual slots from, alongside their subsidiaries Vultr and Choopa. Allegedly, in the end, they decided to choose Telia as the carrier in most regions of the world.

Although, there was one major problem – Telia is in Sweden as a Tier 1 ISP. Furthermore, they also feature in nearly every colossal internet exchange point in the world. The Redditor goes onto claim that his “provider is German Telekom which is also a Tier 1 ISP. However, the Tier 1 ISP’s agreed among each other to transmit the data for free.”

Black Ops 4 Server Analysis Unveils Shocking Discovery for Call of Duty Series

If we go by the screenshots, the data goes through 3 Telia network gateways before entering the Choopa/Vultr servers where it needs 2 additional hops. This is not the standard we expect from a triple AAA title.

Infinity Ward is set to release the upcoming entry to the franchise this year. Whether Activision decides to increase the quality of the servers for Call of Duty 2019 is currently unknown.

This all-new post suggests players are experiencing approximately 3-4 additional milliseconds of lag, in comparison to games developed by Epic Games and EA. It is extremely important for Activision to get this right as an extra 3-4 MS of lag can be the difference between life and death in-game.

NEW INTEL: Black Ops 4 update 1.13 patch notes.

How Does This Compare to Other Games?

In addition, it appears Call of Duty isn’t one of the only game’s which has had issues with Choopa/Vultr, whilst being peered with Telia. Allegedly, League of Legends and Rocket League have had similar problems to what Call of Duty fans are experiencing.

Apex Legends Network Lag

In other news, a recent netcode reveal has also not put Apex Legends in the best image. Youtuber Battle(non)Sense has highlighted the shocking network lag between damage, gunfire, and movement.


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