Black Ops 3 Game Files Hint at Remastered Multiplayer Maps Releasing Soon

Black Ops 3 Remastered Multiplayer Maps

A Reddit user by the name Her0saver has uncovered a potential DLC6 hiding in the files of Call of Duty Black Ops 3 after a new hotfix was pushed yesterday, implying that new maps may soon be on the way.


The image, shared earlier today on the Call of Duty Zombies subreddit, shows Her0saver’s game tell him that he is missing several map packs, one of them being a previously unknown DLC 6.

The news of a potentially new DLC spread like wildfire through the Zombies community, until eventually, it fell to the community members and popular modders DTZxPorter and Lilrobot.

Lilrobot was the first to mention that the new map pack that had been found within the files could not possibly be Zombies maps, as it did not have the ZM suffix like the rest of the Zombies exclusive DLC did in the game files.

However, after looking through the game files with the assistance of DTZxPorter it was found that the potential for these maps to be somehow related to Zombies was still very much there, as the “Menu_DLC5_Maps” string was very much present in the files. This obviously refers to the fan favourite Zombies Chronicles map pack, and considering this string holds no reference to Zombies at all it scuppered Lilrobot’s initial claims.

But DTZxPorter wasn’t done there. After digging through the map files further he was able to find the codename that the DLC6 string localizes to. The codename in question was MPHD. What makes this so interesting is that the Zombies Chronicles codename before release was ZMHD, which clearly implies some sort of Multiplayer Remastered compilation.

With Black Ops 4 now just 4 months away it may seem strange to consider any more content, especially in the form of maps, coming to the last Treyarch game. However, in an interview with Polygon Dan Bunting claimed that Treyarch was “still not done releasing content” for Call of Duty Black Ops 3.

It could be that nothing comes from this DLC6 string that has been found in the files of Black Ops 3, but the MPHD codename certainly implies that something big may be just around the corner for Treyarch’s last title.


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