Report: Black Ops 5 Will Feature a Gritty Rebooted Campaign and Zombies Mode

Call of Duty Black Ops 5

A Black Ops 5 reboot has been rumored by TheGamingRevoultion, taking the Black Ops series in a direction similar to Infinity Ward’s new Modern Warfare.

Their sources have claimed that the new game is not strictly Black Ops 5, but instead will be a reboot of the Black Ops franchise in a similar way to Modern Warfare.

His sources claim that Raven and Sledgehammer have already scripted out some of the cold war levels for the campaign, and that this mode will be Treyarch’s primary focus going forward.

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They will be building a campaign from the ground up, using bits and pieces of what Raven and Sledgehammer have already done while also creating new assets and levels to be able to tell their story.

TheGamingRevolution’s sources have told him that they want to create a down to earth and gritty version of the Vietnam war, which we will see from all angles. The game will supposedly follow US, South Vietnames and Vietcong perspectives.

Treyarch will also be focusing most of their efforts on Zombies, which like campaign will be a total reboot.

TheGamingRevolutions sources have told him that there are discussions going on in the studio on whether they should reboot the story with the campaign characters, bringing them to a zombie-infested world that follows on from the Campaigns story, or to reboot it with the original zombies crew.

The new rebooted zombies mode will be dropping most of the fantastical elements from the mode, including the dragons from Gorod Krovi, the giant robots from Origins, and the Apothicons. They want to strip the mode back so that you feel more on edge, replicating feelings from Mob of The Dead or your first time play Nacht Der Untoten.

His sources have also said that Sledgehammer will be taking the lead on Multiplayer in Black Ops 2020, though he is unsure if this is for map design or if Sledgehammer are just busying themselves porting the bulk of the improvements to multiplayer that Infinity Ward have made with Modern Warfare over into Black Ops 5.

Either way, Treyarch will have complete oversight, seemingly making the bulk of the decisions for the mode.

TheGamingRevolutions sources also touch on whether Blackout will be coming to the Black Ops Reboot.

They say that Raven will be focusing on bringing Blackout into the updated engine, though once again Treyarch has complete oversight. Treyarch was apparently happy with their first crack at the Battle Royale genre, but feels there is much more potential to be found. According to TheGamingRevolutions sources they want to focus on the adult market when it comes to Black Ops 5’s rendition of Blackout.

GamingINTEL’s own sources matchup with most of what TheGamingRevolution’s sources have said, though with any leaks it is always important to take them with a hefty pinch of salt. Black Ops 5 is still a long way off, so it’s likely we won’t hear anything official about this game until at least April next year at the earliest.


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