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Here at Gaming INTEL we have a huge passion for Call of Duty. We know how important the latest CoD news is to our followers.

Our team has several inside sources, allowing us to provide exclusive details on upcoming games. In recent times, Call of Duty gets a new title each year and it’s generally split between 3 main development studios on a yearly cycle for each.

Recent Call of Duty Titles

The Call Of Duty Remastered series saw Modern Warfare release in 2016, but we’re hot on the tail of Modern Warfare 2 Remastered clues.

Throughout our news coverage for Call of Duty we’ll be covering Campaign, Multiplayer, Battle Royale (Call of Duty Blackout) and Call of Duty Zombies.

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Latest CoD News:

Modern Warfare Buddy Boost

Modern Warfare ‘Buddy Boost’ Feature Revealed, Was Cut from the Game

Modern Warfare has been making headlines as of recently with a bevy of gameplay changes to the core formula that has been...
Modern Warfare Killstreaks

Modern Warfare Killstreaks Won’t Be Wrapped in a Single Life, Says Infinity Ward Dev

Infinity Ward recently confirmed the return of Modern Warfare killstreaks within a series of teasers prior to August 1st. Since then, they've...
Modern Warfare BETA

How to Get Early Access to Modern Warfare Beta

As the October 25th launch date of Modern Warfare draws closer, many players are wondering how to get early access to the...

Call of Duty Website Confirms Modern Warfare Spec-Ops Missions & Campaign Story “Will Be...

Although the multiplayer aspect of Modern Warfare is currently at the center of attention, Infinity Ward has already touched a little on...
Modern Warfare Campaign Gameplay

Modern Warfare Campaign Mission Gameplay Coming Soon, Says Dev

Infinity Ward has recently showcased multiplayer gameplay for this year’s entry to the Call of Duty franchise. Although multiplayer has been a...
Modern Warfare Ground War 100+ Players Battle Royale Map

Rumor: 100+ Player Ground War Mode Uses Modern​ Warfare Battle Royale Map

Infinity Ward is yet to confirm the prospect of a fully-fledged Battle Royale mode in Modern Warfare, although rumors suggest it's on...

Opinion: Infinity Ward Should Include a Mini-Map Within Modern Warfare

Call of Duty Modern Warfare has generally been acclaimed from the community thus far with many already securing their pre-orders, although Infinity...

How to Watch Modern Warfare Multiplayer Reveal Livestream

As 10am PT on August 1st draws even closer, many players are wondering how to watch the Modern Warfare reveal. We've embedded...
Call of Duty Modern Warfare Competitive

Modern Warfare Multiplayer Design Director Confirms Prospect of Mini-Map in Competitive

The Infinity Ward press event has confirmed that Modern Warfare will not feature a mini-map. However, it appears as though the traditional...
Modern Warfare Reveal Event Multiplayer Gameplay

Small Glimpse of Modern Warfare Multiplayer Gameplay Surfaces from Reveal Event

In addition to providing a glimpse of what to expect on August 1st, Infinity Ward is also allowing select individuals to get...
Modern Warfare Mini-Map

Modern Warfare Multiplayer won’t feature a mini-map, but there’s presumably an alternative

Infinity Ward recently showcased gameplay of Gunfight mode, which surprisingly didn't feature a mini-map. It appears as though a Call of Duty...
Modern Warfare Dark Edition

Infinity Ward Might Have Just Teased Modern Warfare Dark Edition Bonuses

Back in May, a mysterious Call of Duty Modern Warfare Dark Edition pre-order surfaced on GameStop's website. While no additional details were...
Modern Warfare Killstreaks

First Look at Modern Warfare Killstreaks Revealed

Infinity Ward has teased some of the upcoming Call of Duty Modern Warfare killstreaks - and it appears as though some all-time...
Modern Warfare Operators List

Modern Warfare Operators Might Have Been Leaked

Infinity Ward has already confirmed some of the operators within the next iteration of the franchise. Nevertheless, it appears as though we...
Modern Warfare Character Watch

Infinity Ward Art Director Reveals Fun Fact About Modern Warfare Character Watches

It appears as though Infinity Ward has implemented extreme detail on even the minor aspects within Modern Warfare. A fun fact has...

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