According to a reputable industry leaker, Call of Duty games will not come to Xbox’s Game Pass service in the future.

This news comes amidst a sea of impossible-to-ignore rumors about Microsoft’s supposed pivot away from releasing platform-exclusive games. If true, it would mean that Xbox-exclusive games will be a thing of the past as Microsoft looks to emphasize multi-platform releases.

This has shattered all hopes of Call of Duty arriving to Game Pass.

No Call of Duty on Game Pass

According to a known Microsoft leaker, Timdog, Call of Duty games will not be coming to Microsoft’s Game Pass subscription service.

Timdog revealed this interesting bit of news during the Gamers Council podcast:

While discussing Microsoft’s alleged pivot towards releasing most (if not all) Xbox titles on multiple platforms, Timdog mentioned that he “heard that even Call of Duty is not going to come on Game Pass”.

This is quite a strategic move away from what Microsoft intended to do with the COD franchise after the $68.7 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard was finalized last October.

Most gamers assumed that Microsoft was gearing up to put Call of Duty games exclusively on Xbox and Game Pass. Though an exact timeline wasn’t given, Activision Blizzard (as well as Phil Spencer) put out an update when the deal was almost closed in October.

Back then it was stated that, although newer titles such as Diablo 4 or MW3 wouldn’t release on the platform, more games would be added “into Game Pass sometime next year”:

Going by this language, many assumed that Call of Duty games were set to arrive on Game Pass at some point in 2024. This no longer seems to be the case.

It’s important to note that all of this should be taken with a grain of salt. However, it’s still a fairly compelling piece of info when you consider all the other leaks about Microsoft’s change in strategy.

Game Pass Is Not Sustainable

Despite Microsoft’s previous plans, the company has supposedly done a complete 180 and decided to not release one of gaming’s most popular franchises on its subscription service after all. This is due to Game Pass allegedly being “unsustainable”.

This comes alongside the surprising news that previous Xbox-exclusive games such as Starfield, Halo, and the upcoming Indiana Jones and the Great Circle game may be making their way to PS5.

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This is apparently due to Xbox’s recent lack of success with its first-party titles and the “unsustainable” nature of Game Pass.

According to Timdog, Microsoft simply cannot cover the gargantuan $1 billion yearly costs in annual investments to keep it going. It seems that not putting Call of Duty on Game Pass will force gamers to purchase it at full price when newly released as a way of keeping things afloat.

This shift in making its games non-exclusive and not bringing one of gaming’s heaviest hitters to Game Pass is definitely a blow to Xbox gamers who were looking to enjoy future COD games on the service.

That’s not to say that older COD games won’t make their way onto Game Pass at some point in the future. However, fans shouldn’t expect newer games to come to the service if the recent news is true.

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Only time will tell whether or not these plans will come to fruition!

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