Call of Duty Warzone ‘Spotter Scope’ Explained

There’s a new piece of equipment coming to Modern Warfare and Call of Duty Warzone: Spotter Scope.

This will be available in Verdansk and it could take teamwork to a whole new level.

In the world of Verdansk, it’s often tough to spot enemies from extremely far away. Although you can already use a sniper to zoom in, the glint on sniper rifles can sometimes give away your position.

Warzone Spotter Scope

This extremely high-powered scope allows you to zoom in your opponents from miles away.

You can also re-use this piece of equipment to mark enemies without being detected since it comes without a glint or reflection.

The Spotter Scope can promote both a negative and attacking play style.

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It’s particularly useful if you want to plan your next move. For example, you can zoom in on the path ahead to ensure there are no enemies before you proceed.

On the other hand, you can also give your teammates a heads up on where opponents may be lurking.

The Spotter Scope and Rytec AMR sniper rifle could be a particularly deadly combination. While one player can mark up enemies from far away, the other can use the Rytec AMR to take a few shots.

Overall, the Spotter Scope seems like a worthwhile piece of gear given the vast size of Verdansk.

The Spotter Scope will be available in tomorrow’s update, which is coming on June 30 at 2AM ET / 7AM UK / 8AM EU.

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