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Call of Duty: Warzone Secret Statue Teases New Operator

A new statue has appeared in Call of Duty: Warzone, but what does it mean for players? Is it simply a map addition, or could it mean something more? Here is what we know about the Warzone statue and what it could potentially be hinting at.

Recently, Warzone got its latest update, if you want to check out the full Warzone May 7 update patch notes, you can take a look here. However, interestingly, it appears that Raven Software has also added in some mysterious new objects too. In the latest Warzone update, there is now a very peculiar, covered statue outside of a key drop location.

Warzone Season 3 Statue
(Source: Activision)

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Whilst many might think it is simply a new cosmetic update for part of the map, players have been discussing what the addition could mean. Furthermore, there are a few hints that suggest this statue might actually hold a secret as to a new operator for Call of Duty.

Furthermore, Call of Duty has been hard at work teasing a unique new operator, which could be coming to the battle royale experience soon. Therefore, is this statue actually hinting at a surprise appearance from this iconic and beloved character?

Warzone Statue Hints At New Operator

In the latest update, Warzone appears to have a new and covered statue currently looming ominously outside of the Stadium. If you’re interested, you can check out the in-game statue for yourself, but there might be more going on under the surface.

Warzone Season 3 Statue
(Source: Activision)

Although a new Warzone Soap MacTavish operator skin leaked recently, it appears that Raven Software may also have another operator planned for Call of Duty: Warzone. Interestingly, Warzone’s statue actually has an inscription on the bottom which reads ‘Champion’.

Whilst many might think this is a reference to the Olympics, it is in fact hinting towards a brand-new operator. In a recent post, we talked about a tease from Call of Duty on Twitter regarding a ‘champion’ of sorts. Take a look at the image below, which is from a Warzone Report, and isn’t from an actual player account.

Warzone Report John Rambo Operator Tease
(Source: @CallofDuty Twitter)

As you can see, Call of Duty is hinting at an insanely overpowered operator by the looks of this report. However, there is another special and unique operator which is currently being teased, that could even rival this one…

With the addition of these new operators, it’s no surprise that players are calling for this crucial menu feature. If there are going to be more operators added in the future, this change will help players out a lot.

Super Jump Bug
(Source: Activision)

Furthermore, if you’re curious about how to unlock Warzone’s latest weapon, the CARV.2, we’ve got you covered. This new weapon is already proving to be quite a powerful tool in player’s arsenals.

Finally, for all of the best meta weapons for Warzone Season 3, take a look at our guide here. It’s likely that the new operator will arrive in Warzone for Season 4. Therefore, if you want to know when Season 4 begins we’ve also got the answer for you.

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