Call of Duty Warzone Player Learns Valuable Lesson in Helicopter

Call of Duty Warzone Helicopter

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If you want to travel throughout Verdansk fast, helicopters are the perfect choice of vehicle. Although they are usually in high demand, traveling to a landmark in a helicopter isn’t always the safest approach.

COD Warzone Loadout Drop Causes Helicopter to Explode

Besides the prospect of a rocket coming your way, it seems there are a few other risk factors you’ll need to bear in mind. As posted on the CODWarzone subreddit, it appears as though u/TechnoThresh has learned the hard way.

During their game, the streamer discovered a loadout drop coincidentally sitting on top of a helicopter. Unfortunately, an attempt to use the helicopter resulted in u/TechnoThresh’s death. As the helicopter lifts slightly above the ground, the loadout drop appears to weigh it down, subsequently leading to its destruction.

Loadout drops are pretty popular among players. They do allow you to wield your favorite class of choice, after all. As demonstrated by recent clips, however, you ought to be careful whenever one is nearby. Not only can they garner quite the attention, but they can also eliminate you if placed in precarious positions.

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This video was presumably posted as a warning to other players. But thankfully, other players have chipped in on the matter and shared some of their experiences. Redditor ‘vishwa73097’ notes “once I touched a lamp post and my heli flipped and exploded killing the whole team.”

Helicopter Carries Jeep to Stadium Roof

In other clips, we have seen users carry other vehicles to unheard-of heights with merely a helicopter. That said, it seems loadout drops are particularly brutal, so much so that they can even cause helicopters to explode.

As shared by u/BoldWarrior14, if a helicopter can carry a jeep all the way to Stadium’s roof, it doesn’t really make sense how the vehicle can’t carry a loadout drop.

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