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Warzone Pacific Season 2: Best Perks For Your Caldera Loadout

Find out the best Perks to use in your Warzone Pacific Season 2 loadout. The right combination of these Perks will help you be more efficient with your loadout.

The Pacific Season 2 is finally live in Warzone and players have already begun their grind to build their best loadouts, hoping to shape the season’s meta.

On top of this, the developers have also introduced a number of Quality of Life improvements with this season in Warzone.

However, with the UAV changes implemented in Season 2 and the several changes to the popular guns, the Perks meta for Warzone Pacific has also changed.

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warzone pacific best loadout perks

Warzone Pacific Season 2 Best Perks to Use in Caldera

Cold Blooded has remained the most popular Perk in Warzone for a reason. It makes spotting you much harder and is a must to offset the Combat Scout Perk, which most players tend to use.

Also, it helps not to trigger the High Alert warning, in case you run into opponents running the High Alert Perk with their loadouts.

Perk 2 – Restock

While Ghost was a popular second choice, the removal of UAVs from the Buy Stations makes the Perk less valuable.

With that in mind, we are picking the Restock Perk as it helps recharge equipment in under a minute. This paired with the Snapshot Grenade will help you gather momentary intel on your enemies’ location.

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Perk 3 – Combat Scout

Combat Scout is a recon Perk that allows you to highlight opponents and ping them instantly after inflicting damage to them. It is one of the most viable Perks in the Warzone meta for a long time.

This works best when used with a weapon with high penetration, to shoot through the walls and catch enemies off guard. With the walls in Caldera being highly spammable, this is a great Perk to run with your loadout.

Make sure to check out the best Bren LMG loadout for Warzone Pacific Season 2. This is one of the best guns to pair with Combat Scout.

best perks for warzone pacific caldera battle royale

Also, check out the other best Warzone Pacific Season 2 loadouts for Caldera:

In other news, Call of Duty Warzone will likely have King Kong and Godzilla events in the near future. It looks like Activision has big plans for the future of the series.

Although, a new game-changing Warzone exploit is letting players shoot with virtually no recoil. And it seems many top pros and streamers might have been using it unknowingly!

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