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Warzone Pacific Best Guns To Use After the Bren LMG Nerf

It appears the Bren LMG is doing more damage than intended in Warzone Pacific and the gun will see a nerf soon. With that in mind, we’ve also put together the best guns to use after the confirmed Bren nerf.

It’s safe to say that Call of Duty fans are enjoying Season 2 of Warzone Pacific so far. The update has brought several new weapons, along with new locations to Caldera.

And to make things even better, fans were happy with Activision’s decision to delay the launch of Season 2. As a result, the new season for Warzone Pacific saw a number of Quality of Life improvements.

Having said that, there’s still one issue that looms large. That is, the overpowered state of the Bren LMG, beating every other weapon when it comes to ranged gunfights.

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best bren loadout perks attachments nerf warzone

Raven Software To Fix Bugged Bren LMG in Warzone Pacific

Last week, Raven Software fixed the broken PPSh-41 in Warzone. While many players are thrilled that they no longer have to face the menacing hip-fire builds on this gun, many are also demanding the developers to take a look at Bren’s current state in Warzone.

With that in mind, Raven Software has added the issue to their public Trello board, and currently investigating the higher damage profile of the gun.

But it seems, the developers have their hands busy with another game-breaking bug. Check out the overpowered Warzone glitch letting players equip extra weapon perk attachments!

Warzone Bren LMG Nerf – March 2, 2022 Patch

Raven Software has finally nerfed Bren and its broken attachment. Following are the changes surrounding the light machine gun in today’s update:

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue causing the Light Machine Gun Charlie (VG) Queen’s 705mm Royal Barrel to bypass its intended Damage Falloff.

However, if Bren has become your primary weapon, it’s time to replace it with a meta gun. Here’s our list of Bren alternatives, after the inevitable nerf in Warzone Pacific:

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best bren replacements alternatives assault rifles long range accurate no recoil

If it’s anything like the PPSh-41 nerf, Warzone players should expect the Max/Mid/Min damage values for the Bren change as well. The Bren LMG excels due to the high fire rate and negligible damage drop-off, so a nerf will be welcomed by the community.

If you’re curious to try out the best Bren loadout in Warzone, now’s your chance. Who knows when the patch will roll out!

In other news, Call of Duty Warzone fans are blaming Vanguard and Cold War for battle royale’s decline. So much for integrating a new CoD title with Warzone every year!

But there’s good news on that front. For the first time in 18 years, there will be no Call of Duty title in 2022, according to a report.

Instead, Activision will support Modern Warfare 2 with Warzone 2 in 2022, along with a new free-to-play project in 2023. Talk about doing things right!

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