Call of Duty fans want Activision to take a page out of Fortnite’s book and bring back Verdansk with day one content in Warzone OG.

Right now, Fortnite fans are returning to Chapter 1 in a special season called ‘Fortnite OG.’ This update does more than bring back the old fan-favorite map; it also changes the loot pool back to how it was back in 2018.

And to say players have responded well would be an understatement. The Battle Royale just had its biggest day ever, with over 44.7 million players logging on to play!

Now, COD fans believe there’s a lesson to be learned – and as usual, their demands include bringing back Verdansk.

Warzone dropping into Verdansk

A Return To Simpler Times

Warzone players are seeing the tremendous success of Fortnite OG and want Activision’s Battle Royale to follow suit.

“Fortnite OG proves we need a “Warzone OG””, Reddit user Street_Original5163 writes.

The idea of playing a version of Warzone that feels just like it did back on launch day is certainly appealing. But it might not be possible in Warzone 2, without some serious work.

“WZ2 is plagued with fundamental issues that go beyond the map design or its mechanics. Verdansk alone will not save WZ2. Slide cancelling alone will not save WZ2. None of the MWIII changes will save WZ2.”

Many fans believe that integrations with later titles such as Cold War and Vanguard ruined the Battle Royale, and have been calling for it to return to its roots for years now.

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And ultimately, it all comes back to Verdansk.

A Brief History of Verdansk

Warzone launched on March 10, 2020 and quickly became a massive hit, with 50 million downloads in its first month, and over 100 million recorded players in its first year.

It launched with only one map, Verdansk, which was made by Infinity Ward and Raven Software alongside Modern Warfare 2019.

Warzone Verdansk Original Map
The original Verdansk

And while the map was a ton of fun to play on initially, it didn’t take long for the appeal to wear thin for some fans.

From late 2020 all the way until December 2021, the demand for a new Warzone map was incredibly high.

Fans tend to forget now, but many of them were calling out for a change from Verdansk for months, even after its Cold War rebranding to Verdansk ’84 fixed some issues with the arena.

verdansk 84 in Warzone
Cold War’s Verdansk ’84

Finally, almost two years after Warzone’s launch, Activision released a new map: Caldera.

And to avoid Warzone being a ridiculously large file size, Verdansk was removed. That’s when the trouble started.

Caldera was seen by many as a huge disappointment, and fans quickly flipped to demanding Verdansk’s return.

warzone caldera map
Warzone 1’s final map, Caldera

Since, we’ve had Al Mazrah launch alongside Warzone 2, and the release date of the new map Urzikstan (which seems to take heavy inspiration from Verdansk) is fast approaching.

al mazrah warzone 2 map
Warzone 2’s launch map, Al Mazrah

But many fans continue to believe that only the original Warzone map can save the game.

Would Warzone OG Really Work?

There’s no question as to whether Warzone OG would bring a lot of players back to the Call of Duty Battle Royale. Of course it would – Verdansk’s return has been demanded for some time now.

But it’s more than just the map that would have to come back. Warzone would have to fully revert to the state it was in back in March 2020 for players to have the same experience as they did back then.

It’s worth noting that bringing back Warzone OG may not even be possible. The original Battle Royale application is now dead and buried, with Activision completely shutting down Warzone 1 on September 21, 2023.

Warzone Verdansk

Even if it did rise from the dead, we think that a lot of fans are overlooking some major issues. Looking back through rose-tinted tactical goggles, it’s easy to forget just how many complaints there were with Verdansk back then.

Broken metas (DMR 14, Mac 10, FFAR 1, R9-0 Dragon’s Breath), Gas Mask animations, Stim glitches, and oh, so many cheaters were all responsible for fans getting sick of Warzone in the first place.

And even if all these issues were fixed, the magic of the initial launch would never be fully recaptured. But it’s still worth a try, and Activision is no doubt heavily considering it after looking at Fortnite OG’s success.

MW3 Campaign Verdansk Stadium
The remastered Verdansk stadium in MW3’s Campaign

In fact, it could even be in the works already, as we know at least sections of Verdansk have been fully remastered inside MW3.

So could a Warzone OG announcement be just around the corner? Well, it’s unlikely, given that Urzikstan is almost here.

The new map will launch alongside MW3 Season 1, which is launching in December 2023.

urzikstan map coming to warzone
Urzikstan, the upcoming MW3 Warzone map

But after Rebirth Island and Fortune’s Keep return next year, we’d say Verdansk is up next for a re-release! The question is, will Warzone OG actually be what the Call of Duty community is looking for?

Or are the Battle Royale’s golden days permanently behind it?

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