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Call of Duty: Warzone Is Broken and It’s Boring Players

After a series of bad updates and poor developer decisions, Call of Duty: Warzone appears to be broken and boring its player base.

If you’re a Warzone fan, chances are you’ve noticed some of the most recent additions to the game. It’s an exciting time for Warzone, with a ton of new content to incorporate from Black Ops Cold War.

Despite this fact, the battle royale is having major issues in almost every way. This is leading to fans labeling the game as broken and finding Warzone’s core gameplay boring.

warzone is broken and boring, claim players
(Source: Activision)

With over 85 million players, Warzone is one of the most active battle royales on the market. But this could soon change if the game doesn’t get some much-needed fixes.

Warzone: Broken and Boring?

Some vocal Warzone fans are quick to state their feelings on the game’s official subreddit. In a recent popular post, one Reddit user expresses their issues with the battle royale.

In the post, the player asks if other users are as bored with Warzone as they are. Here are some of the main issues players are currently facing:

Overpowered Cold War Weapons in Warzone

With Black Ops Cold War recently integrating with Warzone, weapon balance was always going to be an issue. But we didn’t anticipate that Cold War weapons would be so overpowered when compared to their modern counterparts.

Recently, an insane new Warzone clip highlighted the game’s best weapon. However, the tactical rifle isn’t the only overpowered Cold War gun in Warzone.

black ops cold war overpowered weapons
(Source: Activision)

Now each match of the battle royale is full of DMR, Diamatti, and Mac-10 users almost exclusively. Players can try and use other guns, but they’re only putting themselves at a major disadvantage.

When every match contains nothing but the same broken weaponry, Warzone becomes more than a little boring.

New Warzone Bugs

As well as the balance issues, there is also an endless wave of bugs creeping into Warzone right now. One such glitch made Warzone players both invisible and invincible in-game.

Thankfully that issue is no longer prevalent, but players are now discovering that some Warzone weapons have no scope glint. This makes it possible for players to use up to 20X zoom without revealing themselves to the enemy.

Warzone Bugs Making Players Mad
(Source: Activision)

Even with a recent patch, players are still getting stuck on freezing Warzone loadout drops too. This bizarre issue locks gamers in place, ruining the match, and has been in the game for weeks.

And despite these guns being overpowered, a new Warzone bug is actually breaking Cold War reloads. Perhaps this is Activision’s way of keeping the weapons balanced.

Removing Fan-Favorite Warzone Features

On top of all these issues, the game’s developer actually appears set on removing fan-favorite features that players are genuinely enjoying. Recently, the Resurgence playlist was removed from the game in favor of Mini Royale.

Already, Warzone players are calling on Resurgence to return. However, there’s no sign of it coming back just yet.

What’s more, the recent Warzone update made changes to the Gulag system, and players aren’t happy about it. Despite two new Gulags to duke it out in, fans miss the iconic shower room battlefield.

Warzone Broken and Boring
(Source: Activision)

Thankfully, Dr Disrespect has an idea to improve the Warzone Gulag.

It’s clear that the battle royale desperately needs some changes for the better. Right now, we can understand why players are labeling Warzone as broken and boring.

However, the battle royale has potential like none-other. It’s just a shame that the game is often made so unplayable.

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Thursday 29th of July 2021

Can't see people. ADS goes above the head. I have the shot on people but they are still out shooting me. It's really getting stupid. Are they letting the people get the kill or what? People crouch walking through the ole map. Turned into a POS game