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Call of Duty: Warzone Invisibility Glitch Returns With A Vengeance.

Warzone players are currently having to deal with the return of the infamous invisibility glitch which plagued players back in December. Players will need to be extra careful.

Unfortunately for many fans, the infamous, game-breaking invisibility glitch has returned. It seems as though Warzone just can’t catch a break at the moment with its host of issues.

Warzone’s invisibility glitch has been reported by lots of players since the latest update. It allows enemies to dominate and there is very little players can do against an invisible menace.

In fact, this isn’t the first time instance of visibility ruining the game. Some Warzone players want the pay-to-win operator removed from the game too.

Despite this bad news, a new Call of Duty Warzone cutscene might have possibly teased Season 2. This will bring new content and new rewards for players, so maybe it’s not all so bad…

Warzone Invisibility Glitch

The Warzone invisibility glitch returns to the game in the latest update. Players are experiencing a lot of issues this week and Warzone’s latest game mode might have added more to the game.

Similarly, back in December players experienced the Warzone invisibility glitch for the first time. The issue was caused by the minigun in the attack helicopter causing players to become invisible randomly.

Raven software was quick to act, removing helicopters from the map until the issue was fixed. Now, however, it has returned and players are having to deal with it once more.

It appears as though Warzone’s Armored Royale might be causing problems for players. The issue is likely caused by the fortified gun turret attached to the armored truck.

As of right now, Raven Software has not acknowledged that they are working on implementing a fix for the invisibility glitch. However, a fix is likely coming soon.

Call of Duty: Warzone Issues

Alongside the Warzone invisibility glitch, there are other issues that are sadly ruining the game for players. The most notable is the infinite stim glitch.

The infinite stim glitch is one of Warzone’s most despised glitches. The exploit, like the invisibility glitch, has returned multiple times and is causing a lot of problems.

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Despite this, stim glitch cheaters are still dying in embarrassing ways which players might argue is exactly what they deserve.

Furthermore, there are also players reporting that Warzone’s hit detection is totally broken following the latest update. The update appears to have added more bugs to the game than it has removed.

Warzone is in an even sorrier state with regards to its cheating problem. Activision has finally decided to implement an anti-cheat system to deal with the issue.

However, players are skeptical whether it will be sufficient enough to deal with the high number of cheaters in Warzone. One Warzone hacker has even proven how easy it is to cheat without getting banned.

Until Raven Software and Activision can successfully implement bug fixes and fix the cheating problem in Warzone. The game will remain in a poor state for players.

We will keep you updated on the state of Call of Duty: Warzone, including any new bugs, exploits, news, or developments with the game.

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