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New Call of Duty Warzone Cutscene Possibly Teases Season 2

There’s a new cutscene in Warzone that is making Call of Duty players speculate about Season 2 of the battle royale.

Warzone cutscenes are a rare breed, but they’re always exciting when they appear. Now, a new video for the battle royale appears to tease the upcoming Warzone and Cold War Season 2 update.

The storyline for Warzone appears to be taking an intriguing turn. But how it’ll come into play in the battle royale remains to be seen.

warzone season 2 cutscene
(Source: Activision)

We don’t know much about the next season of Warzone yet, but fans may have just gotten our first teaser trailer. Through some careful analysis, we know the release date of Warzone Season 2, but nothing about the content it may bring.

Black Ops Cold War & Warzone Season 2 Teaser Trailer

It looks like the new footage is something of a teaser trailer for Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season 2.

When players update their Warzone to the 1.31 patch, they are encountering the new trailer right away.

What’s more, the new Warzone 1.31 update also fixes the game’s infinite Stim problem – something that’s almost as exciting as new content.

New Warzone Cutscene Stitch
(Source: Activision)

The trailer reveals the outcome of the Stitch vs Adler fight from the Cold War Season 1 trailer. And from what we can see, things didn’t go well for our heroes.

After walking into a trap, the two forces face off inside Cold War Map ‘The Pines.’ But after a hectic brawl, Adler is dragged away and left barely conscious inside a chopper.

The final words of the trailer are Stitch informing his rival that he’ll “see you in hell.”

With that in mind, this event is likely setting up the storyline of Warzone Season 2.

Warzone Season 2’s Cold War Storyline

However, whether or not that ties into the leaked new Warzone map, we don’t yet know.

The previous Warzone finale cutscene appeared to set up Modern Warfare 2. Now that the original cast is sidelined to make room for the Cold War characters, perhaps the story will now follow this new rivalry for a while to come.

Interestingly, this cutscene is not yet appearing in Black Ops Cold War. This is particularly odd, seeing as it appears to be present in the Multiplayer of Treyarch’s game.

However, Activision is already confirming that a new Call of Duty is coming in 2021. Fans are already hoping for a Modern Warfare sequel, but at the same time wondering how this will affect the already limited lifespan of Cold War.

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