Best Call of Duty Warzone Buy Station Equipment – Ranked

Call of Duty Warzone Buy Station

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Scattered throughout the map of Warzone, buy stations are essential for keeping that much-needed edge over your enemies. They offer a variety of killstreaks and other goodies, lending you a helping hand when you need it the most.

10. Shield Turret

The shield turret is an effective killstreak to have at your disposal but only works during certain rare circumstances. To properly use it, you’ll want an elevated position. This position has to have enough coverage that you won’t get sniped or shot at while using it. You also want to ensure that where you place this is very secure. The last thing you want is someone coming up behind you and killing you while you’re using it. If you have claymores, trip mines, or teammates, ensure they are placed to watch your back.

9. Armor Plate Bundle

The armor plate bundle is useful in a pinch, but isn’t primarily useful till late game. The point in time this is useful is if you have just parachuted in after getting out of the gulag late game. At this point, it’s hard to find weapons, armor, or cash. But if you can manage to either scrape together enough cash, or have a teammate give you some, then you won’t have to worry about scrounging for random bits of armor.

8. Cluster Strike

The satisfaction of calling hellfire down upon your enemies knows no bounds. The cluster strike is useful for open fields crawling with enemies, or the final handful of circles (depending on where those fall). It’s not useful for tighter urban areas. You’ll want a more open area with no buildings, if that is possible. Unfortunately, Warzone does not have the destruction of the Battlefield franchise, so if your prey runs into a building, they’re pretty much safe.

7. Precision Airstrike

The precision airstrike is very similar to the cluster strike due to the need for more open space. Although it can be a bit more useful in urban environments. This is because If you use it quick enough and catch your enemy by surprise in an open street, the jets will lay waste to the entire street you’ve marked, downing them before they can get inside. However, it is still most effective in more open areas, just like the cluster strike.

6. Munitions Box

Perfect for the entirely possible and scary situation where your ammo reserves are dwindling. Throw this bad boy down and fill up your entire squads ammo. This has saved me on more than one occasion where its too dangerous to search for ammo because it is scarce, and the possibility of losing a fight is too high. It’s especially perfect if you’re a sniper and are perched up on one of the highrises downtown. It ensures you can double the amount of time you’re up there sniping.

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5. Gas Mask

I’ve found that the best chance you have at winning Warzone is to stay very, very close to the circle. Almost uncomfortably close. Its a risky strategy, but it ensure that you’re the one coming up behind multiple squads, and not the other way around. It’s a game of finesse. You want to move just enough ahead of the circle that you ensure no one is possibly behind you, but far enough away that it won’t overtake you completely and kill you, even with the gas mask equipped. The gas mask is useful as a last ditch effort to save your life. It drains quickly though, so don’t rely on it too much.

4. Self-Revive Kit

The self revive kit is an incredibly powerful tool at your disposal. Unsuspecting, cocky, or distant enemies will regret keeping you downed. If the enemies are close or getting closer, you’ll have to use it quickly, but the risk of them seeing it is higher. It’s always best to catch them unawares, so when they think you’re down you pop up and kill them.

3. Loadout Drop Marker

The best way to dominate in Call of Duty Warzone? Using your own class of course! The familiarity of your using your own class will give you the edge over the competition. It can also give you special bonuses, like thermal scopes and perks. The only drawback is that once you call this down you’re lighting a massive fire, taunting any enemy in the area and drawing them towards you. It’s high risk, high reward, but there isn’t anything sweeter than your own custom class.


Redeployment is similar to the loadout drop marker because it also signals to all nearby enemies your location. But like the loadout drop marker, its also a high risk, high reward situation. Redeploying a squadmate is incredibly useful, even in late game. Couple a redeployment with a loadout drop marker, and your friend (or yourself) will be fully equipped and ready seconds after they land. Just prepare for a fight, because it’s certainly on the way.

1. UAV

Knowledge is the key to victory, and what better knowledge is there than where exactly your enemies are? Knowing if a nearby area is clear of enemies or not is incredibly powerful knowledge. Using this in the final circle or two maximizes your advantage over the competition. But remember, it can be countered by the cold-blooded perk, so always assume there’s an enemy nearby, even if not shown.

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