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Call of Duty: Warzone All PC Advantages Over Console Players

Call of Duty: Warzone is a year old now, and PC players still have a major advantage over console users.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that Warzone’s PC community has an advantage over console players. After all, shooters have long performed better on PCs for a number of reasons.

Yes, controller players do benefit from a significant aim-assist function to help even the odds. However, this bonus is nowhere near enough to make up for the wealth of advantages that come from being a PC player.

The biggest disadvantage of being a PC player is the overwhelming number of Warzone hackers that plague nearly every match. Some console players are even turning off the game’s cross-play functionality – in order to avoid the influx of PC-based cheaters.

Warzone Players Have Major Advantages on PC Over Console

In a recent upload, YouTuber and Warzone expert Jackfrags has created a rundown of all the advantages that PC players enjoy over console users.

Taking a look at what advantages come hand-in-hand with owning a PC, even discounting the superiority of a mouse and keyboard, there’s a lot to get through.

NVIDIA Game Filters

Warzone PC Advantage NVIDIA Filters
(Source: Jackfrags)

First of all, those on NVIDIA graphics cards can make use of the NVIDIA Game Filters. These overlays can be used to brighten up areas of Verdansk, giving PC users extra visibility in-game.

It also makes spotting the near-invisible Rook skin easy in Warzone, despite its all-black nature. On consoles, there’s only one way to counter the Pay-to-Win Roze skin and a lot of players want it removed entirely.

These NVIDIA filters can also be used to fix Black Ops Cold War’s poor visibility issues.

Field of View

Warzone PC Advantage Console Field of View
(Source: Activision)

Back in the Black Ops Cold War Beta, console players experienced the wonders of a console FOV slider for the first time.

Since that point, we’ve been asking the question: when is Warzone going to get an FOV setting on console?

Field of View settings allow players to widen their vision and see more of the world around them. This is a huge help in games like Warzone, where positioning matters.

Those on PC can extend their FOV dramatically, with many playing on 100-120 degrees of vision. Console players are instead locked to 80 degrees, which seems tiny by comparison.

And it’s making Warzone players demand FOV settings on consoles.

Frame Rate

(Source: Activision)

One of the biggest draws of PC gaming is the potential to play titles at higher frame rates than consoles traditionally allow. After all, before the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, console frame rates were locked to either 30 or 60 FPS maximum.

PC players can enjoy far higher frame rates, leading to smoother gameplay and more responsive weaponry. However, those on Xbox Series X/S can also play Warzone at 120 FPS, provided they have an accomodating TV.

Sadly, PS5 players are still locked to 60 FPS for the time being.

Headset Usage

warzone headset usage
(Source: Activision)

Jackfrags points out that this is a generalization more than anything, but the majority of PC Warzone players are probably making use of headsets in-game. Gaming headsets are excellent at providing location-based sound in high quality, allowing you to immerse yourself in Verdansk’s battle royale.

By contrast, there are probably a lot of Warzone players on console simply making use of the TVs speakers. This is largely fine, but it’s definitely a disadvantage in high-action shooters like Warzone.

However, with the addition of high-quality headsets like the PS5 Pulse 3D Headphones, more console gamers are starting to reap the advantages of headsets for themselves.

If you’re dropping into the battle royale on console or on PC, use this trick to get an instant Warzone loadout in-game.

And fans should enjoy Verdansk while they still can as we’re getting images leak for the new Warzone map already.

According to reports, Verdansk will be gone forever very soon, thanks to the file size of a Warzone map. Find out what’s happening to Verdansk in Warzone right here.

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