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Call of Duty: Vanguard Pre-Load Dates & Times Revealed

Activision released new information about Call of Duty: Vanguard today, including its pre-load dates and times.

Vanguard releases on November 5. This date is basically just a few weeks away.

As the imminent release approaches, Activision is filling us with all the pending details about this title.

As it is usual with most modern games, this entry in the franchise will benefit from a pre-load feature before its release date. This allows players to download the game before its launch to play it as soon as it’s available.

We now know the dates and times for Call of Duty Vanguard’s pre-load.

COD Vanguard Preload
Source: Activision

COD: Vanguard Preloading Information

Pre-load will be available for all gamers who pre-ordered Call of Duty: Vanguard digitally.

PS4 and PS5 gamers will be able to pre-load Vanguard starting on October 28 at 9 PM PT. This applies to North and South America.

The rest of the world will be able to pre-load the game on October 29 at midnight local time.

For Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S gamers, the Vanguard pre-load starts on October 28 at 9 PM PT. Contrary to PlayStation, this time and date apply to all regions.

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Call of Duty Pre-load time dates
Source: Activision

Activision also added some troubleshooting steps in case the pre-load does not automatically begin at the set time.

If there is an issue with the COD: Vanguard pre-load, go to the store of the platform you purchased the game on. Make sure your console or launcher is updated to the latest version, and then look for the game in the store and follow the prompts to begin the download.

Activision will reveal PC information such as pre-load, file sizes, and specs soon.

There is also confirmation of Shi No Numa returning for the Zombies mode, and Der Anfang got a preview in a dedicated trailer.

Source: Call of Duty Blog

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