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Call of Duty Vanguard Players Want Map Voting System

Vanguard is missing a huge feature that previous Call of Duty titles had – a map voting system – and players aren’t happy about it.

Activision’s latest offering, Call of Duty Vanguard couldn’t have come at a better time. With the holiday season around the corner, players have the time to explore the various maps Sledgehammer packed into the game.

Call of Duty Vanguard launched with 20 maps for players to enjoy. However, there’s no way for players to choose the map they want to play. 

Now, the Vanguard community wants the map voting system and wants Sledgehammer to take action.

call of duty vanguard map voting

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Vanguard Players Request To Introduce Map Voting System

Despite the new Operators and weapons in Vanguard Season 1 being recently revealed, players only want one thing. That is, the ability to vote for the map they want to play next.

Reddit user ‘willfan8’ took to the Vanguard subreddit to express their opinion on the map voting system. The post quickly gained traction with many in the community sharing similar opinions.

Map voting has its merits. The players get to pick their favorite maps, much to their delight. On the other hand, some maps don’t get a similar level of love from the players and tend to get neglected.

While the post stated that map voting is a “one and done” feature, many users gave their theories for its exclusion. One user pointed that the map voting will not come in Vanguard. The main reason is that the players tend to abandon the less popular maps.

Popular Call of Duty streamer for FaZe, Kalei also suggested a similar change. In a recent tweet, they suggested adding back the map voting system. And that would make Vanguard a candidate for the top five Call of Duty titles of all time.

vanguard map vote

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But this isn’t even close to being the biggest problem with Call of Duty Vanguard Multiplayer. To top that, Vanguard players recently raised some serious concerns about the disappointing map designs.

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