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Call of Duty Vanguard Leak Claims MW2 Terminal Map Is Returning

Modern Warfare 2’s iconic Terminal map may be returning to Call of Duty Vanguard, claims a new leak.

If you were a fan of Call of Duty during its golden years, no doubt you remember one of the best Modern Warfare 2 maps. Known for being a favorite in the COD community, Terminal in MW2 is an iconic map and one that’s left a lasting impression on fans.

After returning in Modern Warfare 3, Terminal got a remake in Infinite Warfare. The map also appears in Call of Duty Online and Mobile, but now it looks like Vanguard could be next on the list.

Interestingly, Call of Duty 2021, AKA Vanguard, is rumored to be a WW2 title. If the rumors are true, Terminal will be getting some major changes when it appears in the upcoming release.

Call of Duty WW2 Vanguard Map Larger Than Verdansk Planes Boats Tanks

But an airport setting does make sense, where assets are concerned. After all, a new leak reveals that the WW2 Warzone map will have planes and other vehicles!

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Terminal Returning in Call of Duty 2021: Vanguard?

Could Terminal be returning in Call of Duty Vanguard in 2021? This leaker certainly believes so.

Recently, Call of Duty leaker TheMW2Ghost made claims that the London Docks map from COD: WW2 would be coming to Vanguard. This popular location certainly makes sense for Vanguard’s Second World War setting, but there’s another map that’s more of a stretch.

At the time, the leaker teased a “WW2 version of a very fan-favorite map from a very iconic COD game.” Now, we have an idea of what to expect on launch day.

According to a new post by Modern Warzone, TheMW2Ghost is confirming that the rumored remake is for Modern Warfare’s Terminal map. Of course, Terminal will need a little more than a fresh look to fit in with Vanguard’s WW2 aesthetic.

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Terminal Modern Warfare 2
(Source: Activision)

But after appearing on the moon in Infinite Warfare, it’s hardly a stretch to imagine Terminal as a WW2 hangar. Of course, it’s important to take this new rumor with a pinch of salt too.

In the past, TheMW2Ghost has been a little hit and miss with their leaks. But with an internet that’s hungry for more Vanguard information, fans will take what they can get.

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Unfortunately, one trusted insider is already referring to Vanguard as a disaster in 2021! In fact, reports suggest that Treyarch is already working on Vanguard as well as Black Ops Cold War.

But could Terminal also be returning in Infinity Ward’s 2022 release? A new leak teases Modern Warfare 2, Black Ops 2, and a standalone Zombies game coming soon.

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