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Call of Duty Vanguard: How to Fix Xbox Freezing & Crashing Issue

If you’re experiencing some issues playing Call of Duty Vanguard on your Xbox, here is how you can fix it. 

A new season for Vanguard will be released shortly with new guns, operators, and new modes for multiplayer and zombies. But the game currently remains inaccessible for some console players. 

Several Xbox users have reported issues while trying to launch Call of Duty Vanguard. If you’re also having trouble launching it, you can try a simple workaround that may fix the issue. 

Meanwhile, we’re looking forward to these HUGE Quality of Life improvements in Warzone Season 2.

Vanguard Season 2 Operators

And it seems that a new Call of Duty mobile game is about to arrive.

How to Fix Vanguard Crash for Xbox

  • First launch Vanguard as you’d normally do. But do not log in to the game. Instead, cancel when the game first tries to automatically log you into the game and click on “go offline.”
  • Once offline, try going online once again by clicking on “go online”. That’s not it, as the game will show you another error. From the second error screen, simply click “OK.”
  • Then, from the game’s main menu, launch whatever mode you’d like to play. 
KG M40 Warzone Vanguard Season 2

This is the old school method of closing on and off, and is, however, not a guaranteed fix. Not until Activision pushes an update to fix it entirely. The method has fixed issues for plenty of users who earlier reported facing crashes.  

You might also want to keep this trick in mind, as Call of Duty crashing after an update is something that happens often. Sledgehammer has acknowledged the issue and will deploy a hotfix, but it might take a little time as the developer hasn’t yet given a schedule.

The state of Call of Duty, especially Warzone, hasn’t been pleasant. The publisher wasn’t themselves too pleased and mentioned it when they yesterday announced the next Call of Duty. 

Activision stated that the recent update of Caldera has been a mess for Warzone, and said there are currently no plans for fov sliders on consoles.

The official patch to fix the issue hasn’t yet gone live. While Vanguard and Warzone is gearing up for a season 2 release soon.

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Tuesday 15th of February 2022

I can log in and purchase from the store browse all the menus but, when I join matchmaking everything is fine until the lobby begins to load and I'm dashboarded back to the xbox home screen. I'm on a series X and on a unthrottled connection; with a wired cat 6 cable. I've checked all ports to ensure absolute prestine connectivity. I've tried to maintain a positive look on CoD multi-player but, their disregard for customer satisfaction and abhorrent trend of yearly pushes and micro/macro transactions is becoming too much.


Monday 14th of February 2022

Battle royale won’t load


Saturday 12th of February 2022

Had the same issue I had to spam the BACK button when it gets to “Fetching Online Profile” after I go offline and load back in online. Hope this helps!!