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Call of Duty Vanguard Is Bringing Back the Riot Shield

I looks like the Riot Shield is set to return in Call of Duty Vanguard, thanks to a new tease in the game’s Alpha.

The Call of Duty Vanguard Alpha has come to its conclusion and it’s been a real mixed bag. Although some gamers have been happy with Vanguard’s return to the Modern Warfare engine, it’s not all smooth sailing.

After all, players are reporting that Vanguard has poor visibility in its Alpha, making it hard to pick enemies apart from the background. And this only feeds into Vanguard’s big camping problem in Champion Hill.

Overall, it seems that players believe Vanguard’s Champion Hill game mode is just boring and a disappointing way to kick off the Alpha.

Riot Shield
(Source: Activision)

Hopefully, when Vanguard’s Beta release date swings around, we’ll be treated to some more traditional Call of Duty matchmaking instead. And it’s entirely possible that the Riot Shield could make an appearance when Vanguard returns once again.

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Vanguard Riot Shield Leak

According to a new in-game leak by Sledgehammer Games, the Riot Shield will return in Call of Duty Vanguard.

First introduced in Modern Warfare 2, the Riot Shield is a primary weapon that blocks all incoming fire when held. We last saw the item in 2019’s Modern Warfare, where players made fun of Riot Shield users in Warzone.

The tool didn’t appear in the next Call of Duty installment, though it appears to be in the game files. In fact, some players even managed to get the Riot Shield working in Black Ops Cold War!

Now, it looks as though the Riot Shield will return once again in Vanguard’s full release.

One Vanguard player reports that they saw some of the game’s unlocks early – despite them not being available in the Alpha. Upon obtaining Rank 22, the player received a notice that they had unlocked the Riot Shield in-game.

Vanguard Riot Shield
(Source: Pikamend)

Right now, it appears that the Riot Shield emblem is a Knife, most likely as a placeholder. But if things remain the same in the full build, unlocking the Riot Shield in Vanguard certainly won’t take much effort.

Previously, we’ve seen Riot Shields being the perfect counter to Warzone hackers.

However, since Vanguard is bringing a robust Warzone anti-cheat to the game, perhaps this will no longer be necessary.

What’s more, some Warzone players actually won the battle royale with no guns, thanks to the power of the Riot Shield. And while not all players like the primary weapon, it certainly leads to some entertaining content creation.

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