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Call of Duty Teases Judge Dredd Coming To Warzone

The infamous law-bringing Judge Dredd may be making his way to Warzone after an official tease from Call of Duty.

Recently, Warzone has shown a massive improvement in terms of its playability. Not only has Warzone’s developer stepped up their anti-cheat, banning a huge number of hackers, but players are now getting back into the groove with Season 5.

Best Bullfrog Loadout in Warzone Season 5 - Best Gun on Rebirth Island Judge Dredd
(Source: Activision)

Not so long ago, Call of Duty introduced both Rambo and John McClane as playable operators in Warzone. Now, it appears that more iconic characters are on their way.

Thanks to a new tease from the official Call of duty twitter, fans should expect to see Judge Dredd as the next star appearance in Warzone.

Warzone Judge Dredd
(Source: Activision)

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Here is everything that we know about the new tease, which could highlight that more additions are inbound for the popular Battle Royale.

Judge Dredd Teased By Call of Duty

Interestingly, in the latest development from Call of Duty, Judge Dredd, the judicial and law enforcement officer from the popular comic book and film series might be bringing the law to Warzone.

Although Judge Dredd has not been officially confirmed, due to the cryptic nature of the tease, we can still reasonably guess that this is the character in question.

Furthermore, the introduction of some fun new operators may help to alleviate some annoyance, as many fans are angry after the latest update.

How to Kill Juggernauts in Warzone - Fastest & Easiest Method Judge Dredd
(Source: Activision)

Although, there is still plenty of surprises to look forward to. In fact, Warzone update 1.41 is already teasing an exciting new event, ‘The Numbers’.

But first, take a look at the official tweet from Call of Duty on Twitter just below:

(Source: Twitter)

Interestingly, as you can see, Call of Duty isn’t giving fans too much to go off. However, fans of the Judge and of the franchise might recognize some rather telling clues.

Furthermore, one dead giveaway that Judge Dredd might be coming to Warzone is in the accompanying message in the tweet.

Cold War Rambo's Gun Game Judge Dredd
(Source: Activision)

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As many will know, Judge Dredd is all too familiar with law and order, therefore if a ‘new order’ is on its way to Verdansk, who better to deliver it?

What do you think of Judge Dredd coming to Warzone? Do you think he will make a good addition, or is Warzone becoming flooded with wacky outlandish characters?

In other Warzone news, many players are asking for huge crossplay changes for both PlayStation & Xbox.

Warzone Juggernaut
(Source: Activision)

Alongside this, Warzone’s Halloween event may have already leaked, revealing a spooky new skin coming to the game next month.

Finally, check out this huge Call of Duty Vanguard leak, which has revealed new details about the Gunsmith and weapon attachment slots.

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