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Call of Duty Teases Attack on Titan Warzone & Vanguard Crossover

It looks like the long-rumored Attack on Titan Call of Duty Warzone & Vanguard crossover is finally happening soon!

Over the last couple of years, Call of Duty has had a number of cool crossovers with popular characters from other franchises. However, this could be the best one yet.

Following the likes of legendary action hero Rambo, law-enforcing antihero Judge Dredd and slasher-movie villain Ghostface, it looks like Call of Duty will be getting yet another pop-culture crossover.

This time though, Call of Duty is hinting at a collab with blockbuster anime Attack on Titan to coincide with part 2 of the final season of the show!

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Warzone & Vanguard Attack on Titan Bundle

Call of Duty Seemingly Confirms Attack on Titan Warzone & Vanguard Bundle

Here’s everything we know about the Attack on Titan Warzone and Vanguard bundle so far. Luckily, it looks like it could be releasing extremely soon now!

Some lucky Call of Duty players had already spotted the Warzone Attack on Titan bundle in-game. However, until now, there wasn’t even a hint about the ambitious anime crossover.

Although, a few hours ago, the official Call of Duty Twitter account tweeted a hint that all of the leaks were correct. This would be some huge news!

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Warzone & Vanguard Attack on Titan Bundle Found In-Game

The tweet simply replies to the official Funimation Twitter account with a series of emojis. A rose, swords, a bird, and a horse.

While this doesn’t announce anything, it is still a very big hint. Many players are taking this to mean that the leaked Attack on Titan bundle is coming to Warzone after all.

Check out the Levi Skin and leaked contents of the Warzone Attack on Titan bundle if you don’t mind spoilers!

Let’s hope that Call of Duty releases some official information about this Attack on Titan Warzone and Vanguard bundle soon!

Players will also hope that there are some game fixes on the way too. The latest Warzone update added loads of annoying glitches that need fixing.

Call of Duty

Despite the possibility of this upcoming Attack on Titan bundle, Warzone players aren’t happy. In fact, many players have quit Warzone because of all the glitches and issues.

What’s more, players are calling for the return of Verdansk in Warzone. One of the main reasons behind this is that players already find Caldera completely boring!

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Tuesday 11th of January 2022

This is legit becoming Fortnite, but the gameplay is trash, buggy and full of hackers. I can already feel that they're just gonna reskin the Krampus event and make it even more tanky and sell it as a titan to us.

Being killed by RNG is so fun.