Call of Duty has shut down plenty of the popular conspiracy theories regarding SBMM, ranging from skill-based aim assist to pay-to-win accusations!

Many CoD fans blame the skill-based matchmaking system in the games if they have a bad time. And while some of the criticisms are valid, others are a bit far-fetched.

Fortunately, the Call of Duty team has finally explained how matchmaking works in a new blog post. This includes addressing many of the conspiracy theories around SBMM.

Whether it is skill-based aim assist, pay-to-win bundles, or streamers getting easy lobbies, there’s an answer for all of these theories!

Is There Skill-Based Aim Assist, Damage or Hit Registration?

Call of Duty claims that the “matchmaking process does not impact gameplay elements”. This includes aim assist, hit registration, damage, and player visibility.

It should be reassuring for fans to know that the gameplay in Call of Duty titles does not change depending on how good you are.

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Does Buying Bundles Affect SBMM?

In regards to players questioning whether buying in-game bundles or the Battle Pass changes how Call of Duty assigns lobbies, the answer is also no.

The Call of Duty team says:

“Money spent does not in any way, shape or form, factor into matchmaking.”

Therefore, players who make lots of in-game purchases will have no advantage over free-to-play players.

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Do Streamers Get Easy Lobbies?

Call of Duty has now confirmed that MW3 and Warzone streamers do not get easier lobbies due to the matchmaking system.

The Call of Duty team says that they “do not change the matchmaking process based on who owns the account”. However, this doesn’t mean that streamers can’t use exploits to get easier lobbies.

For instance, many content creators will use a VPN or reverse boost to get put into lobbies of lower-skilled opponents. Unfortunately, there’s nothing that Call of Duty can do to prevent this beyond giving players shadowbans for a while – a permanent ban for something like this would be very unlikely!

MW3 Player Convinced There Are AI Bots in Ranked Play

Now that Call of Duty has addressed these SBMM conspiracy theories, players will hopefully have less to complain about! Unfortunately, it seems like skill-based matchmaking will still be a controversial topic for the foreseeable future.

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