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Call of Duty Outbreak Game Mode Leaked By Activision Themselves

Activision has accidentally leaked their upcoming ‘Outbreak’ game mode after new details appeared on the Cold War Zombies home page. It appears that the rumors are correct surrounding the new update.

The rumors surrounding the new Call of Duty Outbreak game mode have been shattered by none other than Activision themselves after an unintentional leak.

Recently, a major leak surfaced regarding a new open-world zombies mode for both Call of Duty Warzone and Black Ops Cold War. The rumored mode has excited fans but now it has been officially confirmed by Activision.

Call of Duty: Outbreak Game Mode Leak

Earlier today, Activision accidentally confirmed the existence of their Outbreak game mode. The mode is likely to be a large scale update to the popular Zombies Multiplayer mode.

According to new leaks, the Outbreak map will be gargantuan in size and will be very different from what has come before. Furthermore, some leakers have stated that this mode will be ‘open-world style’.

Alongside this, there have also been suggestions that the Outbreak game mode will be coming to Warzone too. It appears that Call of Duty fans have a lot to be excited about.

Okami, a credible leaker and one who correctly predicted the new Outbreak mode shared this image on Twitter directly from the official Call of Duty website.

Black Ops Cold War Outbreak Game Mode Leak

In the image, you can see that Outbreak is described as a new-large scale zombies experience, which was what rumors predicted in the first place.

Furthermore, the leak does confirm that a trailer is coming for the new game mode, however, when that will be only time can tell. It’s likely that Outbreak won’t be seen for some time.

However, the new Outbreak map could be featured in this exciting location. Other findings have discovered new details regarding the expansion and exactly what fans can expect from it.

Take a look at the Tweet down below from Okami which confirms the existence of Call of Duty’s Outbreak game mode.

Black Ops Cold War Outbreak Game Mode

According to the new leak, Outbreak will definitely be coming to Black Ops Cold War. However, some have suggested Warzone players will also get to experience Outbreak too.

There is already an exciting planned map expansion for Black Ops Cold War coming soon. The new map should be coming at some point soon, however, it appears Activision has more plans than expected.

Amongst other leaks, Black Ops Cold War’s Season 2 has already leaked ahead of time. You can check out all the new Cold War Season 2 leaked weapons here.

Furthermore, there are also new operator reveals and more details dropped in the latest update trailer for Warzone and Cold War’s Season 2. Check out all of the new content coming soon.

It is certainly an exciting time to be a Call of Duty fan, it appears there is an abundance of content coming to both Warzone and Cold War. If you haven’t already discovered, there’s also a way to run up Dam in Warzone.

Finally, some have rumored that Warzone’s second bunker door could also be opening soon. The suggestion comes from a leaker who theorizes there may be more secrets coming to Warzone.

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