To get Objective Defense Kills in MW2, Call of Duty players need to eliminate opponents while inside an objective that their team currently controls.

For example, those in a Domination game could sit inside a Capture Point that already belongs to their team and kill incoming enemies to earn Objective Defense Kills.

As part of MW2 Season 2’s Path of the Ronin challenge, players must obtain 100 Objective Defense Kills.

Alternatively, to complete the Honor challenge, it’s far easier to just collect Dog Tags in Warzone 2’s Resurgence mode.

But for all those Multiplayer fans out there, it’s not hard to get those Objective Defense Kills in MW2!

How to Get Objective Defense Kills in MW2

To get an Objective Defense Kill in MW2, sit inside a controlled objective in Multiplayer and eliminate enemies that are coming to capture it from your team.

The best game modes to earn Objective Defense Kills are:

  • Domination
  • Headquarters
  • Control
  • Hardpoint

You’ll know when you’ve obtained an Objective Defense Kill when you see an XP pop-up on your screen for ‘Defense’.

How to Track Objective Defense Kills in MW2

Enemies that you eliminate do not have to be inside the objective zone. You can still get long-range kills so long as you’re close enough to the objective yourself and they’ll count as Objective Defense Kills.

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Best Mode to Get Objective Defense Kills

The best game mode to earn your 100 Objective Defense Kills in is Hardpoint. In this mode, the majority of players will be rushing to the same location.

Head to the next location as soon as it is revealed and you’ll be able to set up and wait for enemies. Hold position somewhere on the point and you’ll no doubt nab an easy Objective Defense Kill or two as players rush in.

Set up a Claymore, Proximity Mine, or Suppression Mine inside the objective to catch enemies that are rushing in and net you some easy kills.

Domination is also a good, less hectic choice, but there’s no guarantee that enemies will come to your objective as often, making it a slower option.

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How to Track Objective Defense Kills in MW2

To check how many Objective Defense Kills you’ve earned so far, head to the Events tab on the MW2 menu.

Make sure Honor (Meiyo) is toggled to the Multiplayer setting and you’ll be able to see how many more kills you need to complete the challenge and earn your emblem.

How to Check Objective Defense Kills

Note: You do not need the challenge to be toggled to Multiplayer in order to earn and track Objective Defense Kills.

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