Call of Duty Modern Warfare Glitch Lets You Play in Third-Person

Every so often, Call of Duty Modern Warfare players will stumble across new glitches.

While these bugs can sometimes hint at upcoming modes or features, a recent discovery has some players raising their eyebrows as to what it could mean.

Modern Warfare 3rd Person Glitch

As discovered by Redditor u/Oppiko, a new glitch allows you to play Call of Duty Modern Warfare in third-person.

Although some past Call of Duty titles have featured third-person variants, Modern Warfare is not one of them. This new glitch showcases what the game could look like instead of first-person.

Whether or not this a hint towards a future third-person only mode remains unknown.

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If this isn’t a hint towards a new playlist, it’s possible they experimented with it in development and that’s what’s causing this bug.

As the video highlights, it looks like third-person is a little harder than normal. If everyone is on a level playing field, however, this could be an exciting new prospect.

Players can only change their camera perspective in Warzone while skydiving, so this glitch certainly out of the ordinary.

As EuroGamer points out, this might not be the very first time a glitch like this has appeared. In fact, back in May, one player found themselves playing Survival Mode in 3rd person.

Although it looks surprisingly cool, unfortunately, nothing has yet to come of it.

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