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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 in Development, Codename Project Cortez

A huge new leak looks like it could have confirmed that Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is in development at Infinity Ward.

2019s Modern Warfare reboot was a great return to form Call of Duty for the series. While some of the design decisions in Multiplayer didn’t necessarily please all of the fans, it was still one of the best COD campaigns in recent years.

The hidden secret ending to Warzone also set up MW2 perfectly. Therefore, many gamers have been eagerly awaiting any news about a sequel.

Now, while this isn’t official news, a huge new leak could have revealed that Modern Warfare 2 is in development at Infinity Ward.

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Soap MacTavish

Sequel to Modern Warfare 2019 is in Development as ‘Project Cortez’?

Recently a huge leak from NVIDIA’s servers revealed plenty of unannounced games, including God of War coming to PC. This includes new information on what seems to be Modern Warfare 2.

In the list of games, there was a mysterious game titled ‘Project Cortez’ by Infinity Ward, coming out next year.

While nothing here suggests that this game will be MW2, it would be very strange for Infinity Ward to be developing a new game, after Modern Warfare 2019’s success. Plus, this also fits in perfectly with the 3-year development cycle that most COD games get.

Therefore, many people believe that the ‘Project Cortez’ listing is a codename for Modern Warfare 2.

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

This information has not been confirmed yet, so take this leak with a grain of salt. It is still possible that this leak was not correct or that Infinity Ward is working on a different game.

Would you like to see Modern Warfare 2 next year? Plenty of fans seem to be excited about it, but there’s a very vocal minority who want the return of jetpacks in COD.

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Modern Warfare

Meanwhile, most Call of Duty fans are focused on the upcoming game, Vanguard. However, some players have called the Vanguard Beta “unplayable”.

Not only are there lag spikes, packet loss, and high ping, but also many players have had terrible visibility issues too. Let’s hope that Sledgehammer Games fixes these problems soon.

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