Call of Duty Mod Shows What Modern Warfare Zombies Could’ve Looked Like

Prior to the release of Modern Warfare, Infinity Ward confirmed that 2019’s iteration of the Call of Duty franchise will not feature Zombies.

Shortly after Modern Warfare’s initial reveal, Infinity Ward’s Campaign Gameplay Director Jacob Minkoff told PlayStation Lifestyle that a Zombies mode would not align with the realistic feel of the game.

Although the mode hasn’t been available in this Call of Duty title, that hasn’t stopped some players from creating their own version of it.

Modern Warfare Zombies Mod

As TheGamingRevolution highlights in a recent video, a new Call of Duty Black Ops 3 mod shows off what Zombies might have looked like in Modern Warfare.

This mod allows you to play Black Ops 3 Zombies on Gulag Showers.

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In case you are unaware, Gulag Showers was first available in Modern Warfare as a Gunfight map back when the game launched.

The Gulag was also introduced to Call of Duty Warzone back in March, where players can fight it out in a 1v1 to respawn back into Verdansk.

Interestingly, dataminers have recently discovered references towards Zombies in Modern Warfare.

Although many have speculated that Zombies could make an appearance in Call of Duty Warzone, it still doesn’t look as though this will be the case.

While it doesn’t appear to be Zombies, it’s not unreasonable to assume something might happen within Verdansk soon. In recent months, multiple Black Ops Cold War teasers have been showing up alongside strange sightings at the Dam.

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