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Call of Duty Weapon Loadouts May Soon Be Shareable on Social Media

A new patent from Activision indicates that the ability to share loadouts on social media may be coming to Call of Duty.

In the latest Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Modern Warfare, loadouts are more detailed than ever before. A player’s guns can be tweaked in so many ways that replicating an online build can be quite the challenge.

Share Call of Duty on Social Media
(Source: Activsion)

It looks like Activision is preparing to make sharing that perfect loadout easier. A new patent filed under Treyarch’s David Vonderhaar suggests that the company will soon allow loadouts to be posted directly to social media.

Will You Share Your Call of Duty Loadouts to Twitter?

The patent begins by describing the Call of Duty Gunsmith, present in all current titles. Here, players can customize their weaponry and classes that they then take into online Multiplayer.

An abstract for the patent states that a “method for creating and sharing customized video game weapon configurations in multiplayer video games via one or more social networks is provided.”

Xm4 Black Ops Cold War Loadout
(Source: Treyarch)

What this could mean is that Call of Duty fans could soon create and name a build, before sharing it directly to social media. We’re not certain of which platform Activision is aiming to push, but Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr are all listed in the patent.

According to the patent, loadouts may also be shareable alongside a “performance profile.” This would presumably allow users to see exactly how a build would excel before acquiring it for themselves.

Streamers Have a New Form of Content

Should the patent lead to an actual in-game change, streamers would have a new form of content creation to enjoy. After all, streamers like NICKMERCS are known for showing off their latest loadouts in-game.

Nickmercs Call of Duty Loadout
(Source: NICKMERCS/Activision)

This could be an excellent new form of content for many individuals who want to push loadouts to their limits. However, it also suggests that more players than ever will be running the best MP5 loadout in Black Ops Cold War, since they’ve just swiped the build from online.

This isn’t so different from how things are now though, so the game might not change too much. Lately, players have discovered a way to see which Black Ops Cold War weapons kill you the most.

This discovery is allowing players to discover the ultimate meta class in-game. There are a few strong contenders for the best Cold War weapon after the MP5 nerf.

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