Call of Duty League team skins have now launched in Modern Warfare, but they seem to have brought a new issue. Players who are wearing the new CDL skins appear to be turning invisible if a new video is anything to go by.

Although it’s great to show the Call of Duty League some love through supporting them in the game, some players are literally using these team skins to their advantage. Rather than merely being a cosmetic item, they also grant players with invisibility in some cases.

One video illustrates how using the Dallas Empire alternate outfit turns you invisibleĀ as you collide with other objects. As the player is next to the wall, their character soon disappears. It seems as though this generally happens while using an alternative skin on operator Bale.

New CoD League team kits make players go invisible from r/modernwarfare

Another video confirms that this bug isn’t exclusive to just the Empire skin. In fact, if you use any Call of Duty League team skin on operator Bale, you’ll probably be granted with the cloak of invisibility.

This is not the first time that an invisibility glitch has emerged. A while ago, one player shared a video of them encountering invisible players.

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Invisible Enemies 100% Proof from r/modernwarfare

Fortunately, Infinity Ward has confirmed through the Modern Warfare Trello board that they are aware of the issue. In a recent update to the board, they noted that the “Dallas Empire skin appears invisible at a distance.” Not only this but they also acknowledged players having “missing heads on Thorne’s LA OpTic CDL skin.”

There’s no sign of when we can expect to see a fix, but Infinity Ward are presumably working to resolve this issue as we speak. In the meantime, $9.99 for a CDL team skin that provides invisibility doesn’t seem like a bad deal.