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Why Sniper Rifles Are Banned in Call Of Duty League

Call of Duty League players aren't putting any of Black Ops: Cold War's sniper rifles to use, to the confusion of many fans.

Sniper rifles have been at the forefront of some of the greatest clips in Call of Duty history. In both competitive and friendly play, snipers have been a staple of the series.

Whether you're camping in the tower in Black Ops' Array or diving around Nuketown pulling off quick-scopes, snipers have been a part of the game's meta for years.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War League Sniper
A Black Ops: Cold War Sniper

But many players have noticed that sniper rifles just aren't being used in the Call of Duty league. With more players joining in as the league play mode is introduced to Cold War, it's caused a lot of frustration.

It's a strange phenomenon given that there are no official rules against the use of snipers in the league. The reason for their absence has been confirmed - but it's complicated.

Call of Duty League's Sniper Ban

It's important to note here that snipers are not technically banned in the Call of Duty league. There is a series of rules that dictate the tactics, weapons, and items that can officially be used in the league. They can be found in the full list of competitive settings.

These are in place to ensure a completely fair game for all professionals, and ensure exploits aren't used to officially test the skills of the world's best players.

But there's another set of rules for professional players. The Gentleman's Agreements (or GAs), which is a list of rules that all pro players agree to follow, despite there being no penalty for breaking them.

Call of Duty League Teams
Call of Duty League's roster of teams

It's a way for the players to further balance the game beyond the rules dictated by the league, and keep the rules fair even in the swiftly-changing tides of a fast-changing game.

These GAs allow the game to remain balanced when new bugs and exploits are found, and keep the game fair for the pros.

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These gentleman's agreements have extended to the use of sniper rifles for this year's league. But, interestingly, it's not the snipers that are the real problem.

Call of Duty League Bans Smoke Grenades

Snipers are extremely useful in Black Ops: Cold War, with limited recoil and damage. But snipers aren't used in the league because of one simple bug.

Smoke grenades have always been the perfect foil for sniper users. To breach a sniper player's line of sight is to make them almost entirely useless, and the smoke allows a player to do just that for a short period of time.

Call of Duty Cold War League Smoke Grenade
Black Ops: Cold War's Smoke Grenade

They would be a perfect addition to the league and a great way of entirely balancing the sniper's power. That is, if the smoke grenades were actually working properly.

Smoke grenades have been the victims of a lot of problems. Bugs have been keeping them from working properly, and one bug breaks their usefulness entirely.

Players began to notice that in some cases, when they take a specific angle against an enemy's deployed smoke grenade, they can see straight through it. So, in an attempt to protect you from sniper fire, the item has no use whatsoever.

A player believing they are completely protected from sniper rounds could be completely mistaken. This could lead to many unfair deaths, and risk the league's balance of play.

Smokes were added to the list of gentleman's rules, and subsequently, so were snipers.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War League
Black Ops: Cold War

Snipers are a dangerous weapon in the game, even without a smoke grenade to combat them. With no counter-measures, the tactic seemed entirely unfair.

The CoDL has seen some unwanted recent activity too- by hackers taking advantage of the league's move to PC. Hackers are having a field day with Call of Duty, and their hold over the game is getting much worse.

However, if you're a fan yourself, here's how you can bag free items just by watching the league.

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