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Call of Duty League’s Switch to PC is Already Attracting Hackers

When the CDL announced a switch to PC, players expressed their concern over potential cheaters. Now it seems that the Call of Duty League’s very first Challengers Cup is already attracting hackers.

This is the first time that the Call of Duty League has ever had PC as its main platform. It’s also the first time that allegations of cheating have been so widespread.

With the first Challengers Cup already underway, it didn’t take long before several professional players grew concerned about Activision’s lack of anti-cheat. Although Call of Duty fans are quick to throw around cheating accusations, some of their clips do look pretty suspicious.

Black Ops Cold War Call of Duty League Hackers
(Source: Activision)

It’s important to note that nobody is yet proven to have cheated in the Challengers Cup games. However, many users are providing footage of Kill Cams that look uncannily like aimbots or wallhacks are in use.

Activision has notoriously poor anti-cheat, and players were even hacking in the Black Ops Cold War Beta. As soon as the game’s testing period was available on PC, hackers arrived in drones.

This should have given the CDL an idea of how poorly the Challengers Cup was about to go.

Call of Duty League has a Hacker Infestation

Now, it seems that the CDL is joining Warzone with a hacker infestation already present in the competitive play. This is just speculation officially, but the following clip shows one player who achieves 71 kills by themselves in Control.

For reference, the player’s teammates only managed 19 kills at most. What’s more, the potential hacker’s aim does appear to follow enemies through walls.

But these are far from the only suspicious clips from the recent Challengers Cup matches. Three-time Call of Duty world champion Clayster is quick to share footage of the alleged wall-hacking players to his substantial online following.

Of course, not all fans agree with the assessment that the Call of Duty League players are hacking. And although the footage appears to contain all the evidence needed, the CDL isn’t having it.

In a series of clips, Call of Duty Champion Chris ‘Parasite’ Duarte shows off what the current League gameplay is like. However, his outrage is currently met with no response from those in charge.

Despite some players suggesting making all competitors stream their gameplay as a solution to their issues, the CDL is yet to enforce the rule. This is somewhat understandable, as streaming isn’t always a viable option for players.

But what is far harder to understand is the CDL’s stance on cheaters in general. Although Warzone is filled with hackers, a tournament like the Call of Duty League should at least have countermeasures in place.

Innocent players may currently be missing a chance at prize money and a profession in the industry. If this sort of behavior continues, the upcoming CDL tournaments may lose a significant percentage of their following.

In other CoD news, Black Ops Cold War Season 1 has a new launch date. This is big news for fans, who are hoping that Treyarch will fix some of the game’s notorious balance and performance issues with the new update.

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