Killstreaks are a big part of Call of Duty’s identity, and some fans hope for more powerful and fun rewards in MW3 – but not everyone agrees!

There’s nothing quite like going on a major killing spree in COD multiplayer and seeing a new killstreak unlock as a reward.

Killstreaks such as the RC-XD, AC130, Juggernaut, or even the iconic Tactical Nuke completely change how the game is played.

And, if you’re on a hot streak in-game, Call of Duty will reward you for your efforts.

Killstreaks in MW2

But some players seem to think that the killstreak mechanic has been relatively underwhelming lately, and are calling on MW3 to deliver a better experience.

Many MW3 Fans Want Better Killstreaks

Over on the Modern Warfare 3 subreddit, players are discussing killstreaks in the upcoming game, and some call for the mechanic to make a bigger impact.

Although the streak rewards have been present in recent Call of Duty games, they’ve not always been as impactful as fans were hoping for:

“I feel like the previous [Sledgehammer Games] games usually have the least exciting streaks which is a shame,” Reddit user MuscledRMH writes. “Especially considering we are reliving the classic MW2 maps with this game.”

The COD fan makes a fair point. After all, the last time we played the original Modern Warfare 2 maps, we had the likes of the Chopper Gunner, AC130, EMP, and more in the Killstreaks list.

All MW3 Killstreaks So Far

In the MW3 Beta, only the following Killstreaks were available to use:

KillstreakDescriptionKill/Score Total
UAVReveals enemy locations on the minimap4 Kills / 500 Score
Mosquito DroneA drone circles the area and explodes near spotted enemies4 Kills / 500 Score
SAM TurretLaunches anti-air missiles against airborne vehicles and killstreaks4 Kills / 500 Score
Guardian-SCFires a beam of sound to slow enemy movement, blur vision, and disrupt UI5 Kills / 625 Score
Counter UAVScrambles enemy minimaps5 Kills / 625 Score
SAEThree jets launch missiles on targeted areas of the map7 Kills / 875 Score
Remote TurretA turret that fires incendiary rounds automatically. Can also be manually controlled7 Kills / 875 Score
Juggernaut ReconEquip a suit of armor to become a Juggernaut, with a large health pool and a riot shield8 Kills / 1000 Score
Mass Guided Bomb (Secret Nuke Killstreak)A game-ending killstreak attainable only after getting 30 kills without dying. Does not need to be selected before a match30 Kills

We’re certain that more killstreaks will arrive with MW3’s official launch, but for the Beta, this roster was a little underwhelming for some.

Of course, for fans who prefer killstreaks to make a smaller impact on the game, leaving more time for classic COD gunplay, this list is actually quite accessible.

“I might be in the minority but I wish there was a mode with no kill streaks,” Chase10784 user writes. “Streaks can make an already bad game just miserable”

It’s clear by now that Call of Duty is a franchise that will never be able to make everyone happy with a single game.

byu/MuscledRMH from discussion

All we can do is hope that Sledgehammer Games manages to find a good balance when it comes to MW3’s killstreaks.

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