Call of Duty has just confirmed that they are ready to reveal the first official details about their upcoming title, highly rumored to be MW3, during Warzone Season 5. However, the reveal isn’t happening just yet.

Players have anxiously waited for any official news from Activision ever since various leaks began appearing on social media for COD 2023.

Thankfully, we’ve compiled all the latest news about the MW3 reveal here so that players don’t miss anything important about the upcoming Call of Duty.

First COD 2023 MW3 Reveal Event Details Confirmed

The announcement of Warzone Season 5 will contain the first official details about the reveal of what could be MW3, according to Call of Duty’s official Twitter.

In the tweet, COD featured a poll asking if Operators, Weapons, and Bundles will carry forward to Call of Duty 2023.

It follows up by stating that more details about [REDACTED] Reveal Event are coming with the Season 5 Announcement.

In the past, Call of Duty has dedicated entire events in-game to reveal their upcoming titles. Because the details about the reveal are coming during the Warzone Season 5 Announcement, it’s likely that they are planning a similar event.

This Warzone Season 5 Announcement will likely reveal the name of COD 2023 and details about when the actual Reveal Event will take place.

Despite not saying the name of COD 2023, many players already know quite a bit about the upcoming title due to recent leaks on social media.

The leaks confirmed that MW3 is the next COD title, and they even showcased the logo. Many guns were also confirmed due to some leaked Gunsmith images and even some of the perks.

MW3 Reveal Event

For now, all we can do is speculate since Activision has kept relatively quiet when it comes to their upcoming title.

Call of Duty officially revealed Modern Warfare II in June of 2022. So it’s not too surprising that we’re getting our first details about COD 2023 MW3 in a similar time frame.