A never-seen-before Call of Duty title by the name of Future Warfare has gameplay leaking online, showing off an unfinished build of a game by Neversoft Entertainment.

COD players just got a glimpse into what could have been, as gameplay of Call of Duty NX1, a codename for Future Warfare, has surfaced.

The game, which never completed its development, was eventually replaced by COD Ghosts in 2013. However, it’s clear that several elements of Future Warfare would be folded into Infinity Ward’s next title: Infinite Warfare.

NX1 Campaign Gameplay

In a post to social media site X (formerly Twitter), one user has leaked an early build of NX1, which looks to be called Call of Duty Future Warfare.

The Future Warfare campaign in development consists of the following missions:

  • Border
  • Visiting Hours
  • Into The Fire
  • Winter Anvil
  • Descent
  • Hit Hard At Home
  • Moonbase Assault
  • Operation Deadbolt

What’s particularly notable is that several of the missions take place in space, or at least on the moon.

And in the campaign gameplay shown off of Moonbase Assault, the mission appears fully voice-acted and near-complete.

It’s surprising to see that a COD project was scrapped this far into development, but we’re sure many assets would later appear in Infinite Warfare’s similar setting.

Future Warfare Multiplayer Gameplay

Following up on the leak of NX1’s campaign comes test footage of Future Warfare’s multiplayer, which shows off what the game would have looked like for online players.

Despite the story’s space setting, the multiplayer actually looks like boots-on-the-ground gameplay, which is far from what Infinite Warfare would later become.

Weaponry, such as the Pulse Rifle, is clearly more futuristic than today’s guns, but the actual map being played, as well as the leaked list of NX1 maps, don’t appear to be far in the future.

It’s interesting to see that several legacy maps, including Terminal, Crash, and Afghan were set to feature in Future Warfare.

But what’s perhaps most attention-grabbing is the addition of ‘Bin Laden’s Compound’ – a map we can’t see a COD title ever launching with. It’s possible that the arena was simply based on the concept, and would be renamed before Future Warfare’s release.

What Happened to Future Warfare?

Call of Duty Future Warfare was in development by Neversoft Entertainment in what would have been the studio’s first attempt at a COD title.

According to Infinite Warfare Zombies Director (and multiplayer lead on NX1) Brian Blight, 2-3 Campaign missions were complete, as well as a great deal of work on multiplayer.

The game featured experimentation with zero-gravity environments, and even development of Call of Duty’s first Escort mode.

As for what happened to the game, we know that Neversoft would eventually go on to be reduced to a support studio for Call of Duty games, where it assisted on MW3, Ghosts, and Advanced Warfare.

Despite beginning work on NX1, Neversoft merged officially with Infinity Ward in 2014 and Future Warfare was presumably labeled dead at this time.

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