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Call of Duty Fans Want This Classic Map Back In Cold War

Fans in a Call of Duty subreddit have been discussing the next map they'd like to see added to Black Ops Cold War.

Since all the way back in Call of Duty 2, remaking maps has been standard practice for the Call of Duty series.

It's a chance for developers to grant a new lease of life to maps that perhaps went underloved, or that fans adored too much to simply let go.

It's a trend that works well for the franchise. It because a truly big deal with the return of Nuketown, and suddenly, fans were speculating about what could come next.

call of duty black ops cold war fan favorite map
Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War

Cold War's maps have been contentious among fans; the remake of Array was a treat for many, but players especially hate the new map Miami. Here are our suggestions to make Miami a little more palatable.

But, fans have been discussing what new map they want to see join the game. And quite frankly, it's impressive it hasn't been remastered already.

The Map Fans Want Remastered In Cold War

A post in the BlackOpsColdWar subreddit detailing the next map a user would like to see in Cold War has garnered a lot of attention.

The post is captioned "Yeah Raid and Express are cool, but if you want to bring back an old favorite... it NEEDS to be this one next."

The post is simply a screenshot; of the map Standoff.

Standoff is a map that fans have loved ever since its release. It first appeared in Call of Duty Black Ops II, back in 2012. The map was great for a Team Deathmatch, but excelled in games of Capture the Flag and Domination.

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Black ops 2 standoff map fan favorite
Call of Duty Black Ops II's Standoff

The map appeared remasted in Call of Duty Black Ops III a few years later, retitled Outlaw, with a new lick of paint. This time it was styled to appear as a western-themed town, for all your Cowboy desires.

The post has had a lot of attention from fans, with lots of commentors echoing the original poster's wishes.

One commentor left a concise message; "It's like all the Black Ops 2 maps are iconic." We can't really fault them.

Black Ops II is regarded as a true fan favorite, and while it didn't strike everyone's tastes exactly, it's a game representative of Call of Duty's "golden age". Quite frankly, any returning map from this game would be a surefire win for the series.

Another user commented "The play was flowtastic. Had a couple sniper areas but you could get past them. Loved playing this map, loved it!"

call of duty black ops 2 standoff fan favorite map
Call of Duty Black Ops II's Standoff

It's safe to say Call of Duty fans are behind this idea, and so are we. Standoff is an exemplary map for the series, and we'd love to see it make a return. Treyarch, do your thing.

That's not the only tweak Cold War could do with; glitches have been ruining a lot of players' games. One League Play glitch is making ranked games unplayable, and now fans are demanding game fixes before new content.

Sadly, Cold War isn't the only Call of Duty suffering from glitches. A strange bug has given a Warzone player accidental wallhacks. Plus, many players have suffered from vanishing reticles.

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