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Call of Duty Fans Want Another MW2 Beta Weekend

Despite some criticism, many players want another weekend of the Call of Duty MW2 Beta after it finished yesterday.

The Modern Warfare 2 Beta has come to an end, with yesterday being the last day. While an extension of two hours was given by Infinity Ward, we’ll have to wait until MW2’s release date before we can play further.

That hasn’t stopped fans from hoping for another Beta weekend, however. Many users have taken to the game’s subreddit in hope that Infinity Ward will extend the Beta period.

Modern Warfare 2 Players Want a Third Beta Weekend

Users on Reddit are asking for an extension of the MW2 Beta, hoping to try the game further before launch.

three soldiers in MW2 walking through a city street with their guns raised

One of the top posts on the r/ModernWarfareII subreddit was posted by user u/kennedy4000. u/kennedy4000’s post, titled “Yeah, I think I’m gonna need a 3rd Beta Weekend” has hit over 1k upvotes.

This comes after many critiques from players towards the game. This includes some fans creating a petition for the return of the classic mini-map in MW2.

“I would play a 3rd weekend Beta.” – u/pibb

The post is a tongue-in-cheek letter to Infinity Ward. In it, the Redditor proceeds to entice Infinity Ward into another round of “sweet sweet data” collection by extending the beta another weekend.

One user comments, “It would be nice to have another beta weekend a few days before the release.” However, some users are now requesting a beta for Warzone 2.0 before its release date.

The top comment sums up whether a third Beta weekend will release or not, as it says, “Next Beta weekend starts October 28th”.

If you’re hoping for some more information before launch, some MW2 campaign details have leaked.

Many of us enjoyed the Beta – here’s if your MW2 Beta progress will carry over to the full game.

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