The newest PS5 update just blocked the Cronus Zen, and Call of Duty cheaters are desperately trying to sell the cheating tool online.

Despite dedicated Call of Duty anti-cheat RICOCHET claiming to block the Cronus Zen for some time now, cheaters have been able to use the hardware in MW3 and Warzone without issue.

Thankfully, a new PS5 update now blocks the Cronus completely, and MW3 fans are celebrating.

For those unaware, the Cronus Zen is a piece of hardware that users can plug their controllers into in order to run scripted software to eliminate recoil and enhance aim assist in shooters.

cronus zen

If you were wondering why your enemies seemed to have zero recoil in all your games, there’s a good chance many of them were Cronus users. And now that they don’t work on PS5, those same cheaters are desperately trying to offload their devices.

Cronus Zen Listings on eBay Just Boomed

Looking at the most recent listings on the popular auction site eBay, we can see a considerable increase in the number of Cronus Zen listed for sale since the PS5 update on January 24, 2024.

Over twice as many Cronus Zen have been listed on eBay in the two days since the announcement was made when compared to a similar period right before the update went live.

And on January 24 itself, more Cronus Zen were listed for sale than any other day this month.

eBay Cronus Zen Listings

This suggests that cheaters who used the hardware to give themselves an advantage in Call of Duty (as well as shooters such as Fortnite and Apex Legends) are trying to sell their tools now that they don’t work in-game.

Of course, the Cronus Zen is only currently banned on PlayStation – it still works on PC and Xbox devices.

But seeing as PS4 and PS5 users can turn crossplay off in MW3’s settings, PlayStation-only lobbies with zero Cronus users are now possible! The new PS5 update isn’t mandatory, meaning Cronus users can choose to skip it (for now) but if they do, online play is restricted anyway.

Disclaimer on Cronus website saying Cronus Zen is disabled after PS5 January 24 update

The disclaimer about the PS5 update banning Cronus technology is still present on the manufacturer’s official shop page. Therefore, it seems at least for the time being, the developers can’t find a way around it.

We expect to see more users desperately trying to sell their Cronus Zen online soon – but we doubt any PlayStation users will be looking to buy them!

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