Call of Duty App Notification Teases Warzone Event for May 21

Call of Duty Warzone

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It’s been an action-packed week for Call of Duty Warzone so far, and it appears this just the beginning.

Call of Duty App Notification

The Call of Duty app seems to be teasing a future event in Warzone. In a recent post, the app has sent a notification that appears to feature a cryptic message. You can take a look at the notification below.

Call of Duty App - Warzone Notification May 21

At the very bottom of this notification, it mentions “CRITICAL INTEL ALERT,” which indicates that something is on the horizon.

Warzone Event on Thursday, May 21

“Timing for meeting unknown – suspected for 21 May. Location to be confirmed.” Judging by this, it looks like the Call of Duty app is hinting towards an upcoming event on May 21. However, the timing and location are currently unknown.

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In terms of what to expect, this could be a live event that results in some map changes. Rumors from earlier today indicate that Warzone is on the cusp of getting a Cold War-themed map revamp.

If recent reports are anything to go by, this event could have something to do with the upcoming Black Ops Cold War title. This could be the perfect opportunity for Activision to break silence on the upcoming installment.

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