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Call of Duty 2021 Developer Confirmed by Leaker

A reliable insider has confirmed the developer that is making 2021’s Call of Duty game.

Call of Duty is possibly the biggest annual franchise in all of gaming. However, three developers work on the COD series, each making different kinds of games.

The development team is hugely important to fans. This is because it could indicate what kind of Call of Duty game we are getting.

Infinity Ward is beloved by fans for the Modern Warfare games, Treyarch develops the Black Ops Series, while Sledgehammer Games made both Advanced Warfare and WWII.

call of duty modern warfare

Infinity Ward or Sledgehammer Games?

It came as a surprise to nobody when Activision confirmed that a 2021 installment of the massively popular Call of Duty franchise was in the works.

However, fans were still uncertain about which of the three Call of Duty developers could be making the game. This is because 2020’s Black Ops Cold War broke the turn-taking, 3-year development cycle.

2020 wasn’t Treyarch’s turn to release a game as they had previously released Black Ops 4 in 2018. This caused some doubts in fans’ minds about who would develop the game.

Yearly Call of Duty games looks certain for now. However, Activision has recently announced that Warzone will be their top priority “for a long time”.

Sledgehammer Games could take the reins for the next game in the franchise. Alternatively, Infinity Ward could continue their rebooted Modern Warfare series in 2021.

However, a reliable Call of Duty leaker has now confirmed which studio will be developing this year’s Call of Duty title.

Call of Duty 2021 Developer Revealed?

Call of Duty insider @ModernWarzone has previously leaked information about the upcoming Warzone map, so is a reliable source for Call of Duty leaks.

His new tweet reveals that it will in fact be Sledgehammer Games developing the 2021 Call of Duty title.

The studio has not announced anything yet. However, Sledgehammer teased that it was developing the new Call of Duty game back in January.

Modern Warzone Twitter

Fans will also be eager to find out whether the new game is a sequel or if it takes the franchise to a totally new setting. Sledgehammer Games could potentially be working on a sequel to WWII, although leakers may have already debunked Call of Duty WWIII rumors.

Also, Call of Duty players can now watch the new Black Ops Cold War & Warzone Season 2 trailer. Fans will be excited to see where the story goes.

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