With Modern Warfare now in full swing, fans are already directing their attention towards the next installment within the franchise. Thankfully, new information regarding Call of Duty 2020 has emerged.

Treyarch will develop Call of Duty’s next mainline game, instead of Sledgehammer Games and Raven Software. This is because development previously didn’t go as planned.

Treyarch is well-known due to the classic Black Ops series. With this in mind, there has been plenty of rumors of a Black Ops reboot later this year. Although these rumors have been corroborated by reliable insiders, it’s important to note that they are far from confirmed.

Regardless of this, the first piece of official information regarding Call of Duty 2020 has now surfaced. David Vonderhaar, Treyarch’s Studio Design Director, has now confirmed that the next game will indeed leave behind jetpacks.

One fan argued that Call of Duty 2020 should have jetpacks, although this was quickly shut down with Vahn commenting ‘No’.

This is a change various fans have requested to see. Jetpacks have been featured in several different titles, from Infinite Warfare to even Black Ops 3. In fact, Vonderhaar himself even alluded to players criticizing Treyarch for having it in their previous game.

This information also aligns with rumors of Black Ops 5 featuring a Cold War setting. It appears as though Treyarch will be leaving behind futuristic mechanics in this year’s Call of Duty to embolden the realistic theme.

It’s likely Treyarch will share more information on what’s around the corner as we head even deeper into the new year. Last year, it was around February where we heard significant information on the upcoming Call of Duty. Perhaps Activision will follow suit this year, revealing new details within their conference calls.